This may be a bit ridiculous.

S'mores Pie I

And it aloof may be one of the best desserts I’ve anytime made.
You ability bethink that aftermost year I aerated up some mini s’mores tarts. They were fabulous, but I charge accept had a few screws loose. Why didn’t I aloof accomplish an absolute pie?

S'mores Pie I

Oh! I bethink why. Because my bedmate doesn’t like s’mores. He’s allegedly from addition planet. Can’t he aloof cede his aftertaste buds for my admired acidity combination?

I assumption not.
I concluded up with an absolute pie. In my house. In my fridge. With alone one being to eat it.

Dreams do appear true!

S'mores Pie I

Welcome to my new admired dessert. Did your pants button pop yet?

S'mores Pie I

Pleeeeeease accomplish this. I’m allurement you. I charge addition to allotment the adulation with me back Mr. How Candied would rather eat craven and steak than s’mores.
And I’m admonishing you: It may not be appealing already cut.

As continued as you arctic it, you should get a affinity of a allotment out. But if that fails, aloof go to boondocks with a spoon. Assurance me, no one will care. They are bistro s’mores pie afterwards all! Seriously, it’s not like you could delay to cut it anyway. Unless you’re superhuman.

I ability accept begin myself admiration on the kitchen floor, beanery in duke and arch in fridge, blasting out s’mores pie bites.

S'mores Pie I

And I still accept the crumbs on my kitchen attic to prove it.

S'mores Pie I



S’mores Pie

for crust

1 3/4 cups graham cracker crumbs

1 1/4 sticks butter, melted

Preheat oven to 325.

Add broiled adulate and graham cracker crumbs calm until a band forms. Columnist in to a 9 inch pie plate.

for amber filling (from Tyler Florence)

1 cup abundant cream

1/2 cup milk

10 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped

2 tablespoons sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

1 bag of ample marshmallows

Combine milk and abundant chrism in a bucket and calefaction over low heat. Watch anxiously and already it begins to simmer, abolish from calefaction and add in chocolate. Activity with a spatula until amber is melted, again barrel in amoroso and salt. In a abstracted bowl, agilely exhausted the 2 eggs. Boring add eggs to amber admixture while whisking.

Pour amber bushing in to graham crust. Tyler’s admonition alarm for the bushing to be broiled for 15-20 minutes, but abundance bare about 30-35. Pay absorption and analysis every 5-10 account afterwards 20 account pass. One the amber is no best liquid, abolish the acerb and top with as abounding ample marshmallows as you can fit. I acrimonious my broiled on low, and ashore the pie aback in for 2 account so the top could get golden. The added advantage is to aloof abode it aback in the oven for a few account until they cook or use a kitchen torch.

Let air-conditioned again air-condition for 1-2 hours afore cutting. Aerosol a knife with non-stick aerosol afore slicing. If it is messy, aloof lift pieces out with a spoon. It’s aloof as delicious!


S'mores Pie I

I ability charge a s’mores detox. Or s’mores rehab.

But really… I aloof charge s’more s’mores. I’m an addict.