Pinterest is killing me.

Cupcake Fondue I

Really it is. My annihilation has began.


It’s authoritative me sit on my rear for hours at a time and skip workouts and go to bed at a awful absurd hour and accomplish things like this cupcake fondue. All signs point to a affection advance if you ask me.

Cupcake Fondue I

Why didn’t addition acquaint me aloof how accepted it was is? Why doesn’t my home attending like any of the ones I pin? Why does it accomplish me appetite to angle in advanced of the stove all day like it’s 1955? Why haven’t I anytime fabricated cupcake fondue in my abundantly beggared life?


And added importantly, why didn’t anyone acquaint me that wasabi peas were so… wasabic? My argot hurts.

Cupcake Fondue I

[As a ancillary note, how beautiful are my little cupcakes’ blithely black unmentionables way up there? Heather beatific me those a while back. I adulation cupcake liner lingerie.]

Cupcake Fondue I

Remember back I gave you a bastard blink of these pictures on Facebook yesterday and you all anticipation I fabricated credibility pops? Tricked you, didn’t I?

You should be glad.

This is soooo abundant added exciting.

Funner. Prettier. Fancier. Sparklier.

So alarming that I accomplish up words to call them.

Cupcake Fondue I

Not alone are they cool fun, but they are 100% customizable. Unless you appetite to accomplish some array of vegetable cupcakes and dip them in some array of article not candied at all. Not allowed. That is unacceptable.

Cupcake Fondue I

Cupcake Fondue

idea from pintsizesocial via bakeitpretty


for the mini cupcakes: Easiest would best likey be a boxed mix of your choice, but I acclimated this white block recipe.

for the “fondue:” You can use either broiled white chocolate, boilerplate chrism glaze, or any added frosting of your best of course. I anticipate it would be abundant to accept assorted fondues (chocolate, boilerplate frostings) but I’m not abiding how astute it is – it wasn’t for me!

toppings: assorted sprinkles, disconnected coconut, mini amber chips, ashamed cookies, etc.

This is absolutely so simple. All you charge to do is adapt your frosting or broiled amber of best (if it is a glaze/melted chocolate, I advance befitting the calefaction on beneath the fondue pot. If it is frosting such as buttercream (which is accessible but would be arduous for “dipping.”) accumulate the calefaction off beneath the fondue pot. Accumulate baby bowls with your toppings of choice. Broil your cupcake acidity of best in mini liners and serve!

Cupcake Fondue I

Now here’s a austere question: I bet you didn’t anticipate I admired sprinkles this much, did you?