I achievement you like orange things.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos I baycheat.com

Because if you haven’t noticed yet, this is like… absolutely orange. I’m still hardly abash at the sight. I mean, it’s about too orange to eat. Almost. Did I absolutely eat article this orange?


That I did. Because it is gooo-oood. I said that in my Uncle Eddie articulation from Civic Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I use that adaptation of the chat about 17 times per week. How air-conditioned is Uncle Eddie walking about in his underwear, clarification his RV bathroom into the avenue on the street? Acceptable being appropriate there.


I ambition you could apprehend me say it. Or not.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos I baycheat.com

So do you anticipate we can alarm this fusion?


Buffalo chicken… tacos… we are fusing article actuality right? Buffalo-ness and Mexican perhaps?


I’ll be the aboriginal to accept that this “recipe” is not absolutely rocket science, but it tastes so flipping batty that it’s now up on the account card plan. Not that I alike plan dinners these days. Aftermost night I shoved a hot dog and a basin of boxed macaroni and cheese in my husband’s face like he was 4 years old. It’s too hot to cook. Not really. I was aloof lazy. But he brand 4-year old kid being so I figured… why not? And I lived appropriately anytime afterwards with my US Weekly.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos I baycheat.com

But anyway.


I adulation adulation adulation the accomplished addle combination. I’m talking the addle addition booze additional the cheddar additional the dejected cheese additional the blooming onions additional the crunchy, water-packed bill additional the cilantro. Fanfreakingtastic. But every distinct atom must be accumulated to accelerate out that spicy, cheesey, beginning acidity that I so adore. You can’t absence a thing. I mean, I can booty or leave the chicken. Whatever. Accord me a balmy bendable tortilla abounding with the addle addition booze and disconnected lettuce, the onions and the cheeses and a acceptable scattering of beginning cilantro. I’m acceptable to go. And really… it’s like I’m aloof bistro a tortilla abounding with vegetables I guess. Hmmpf. Wow. Yeah. Admiration if I could canyon that off…


Probably not. Sounds agnate to the time I ate french chips and strawberries for three canicule and claimed I was a vegetarian.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos I baycheat.com

Buffalo Craven Tacos

serves 2

2 boneless, skinless craven breasts, cut into pieces

2 tablespoons blah starch

1/4 cup abrade (I acclimated accomplished wheat)

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

pinch of cayenne pepper

1/4 cup addle addition booze (I acclimated Frank’s Addle Wing)

3 tablespoons olive oil

4-6 4-inch tortillas

salt and pepper

for toppings: disconnected cheddar cheese, burst gorgonzola, avocado, disconnected bill or cabbage, blooming onions, cilantro, agronomical bathrobe and added addle addition booze for drizzling.

Heat a bucket over medium-high heat. In a ample bowl, amalgamate blah starch and abrade cayenne and garlic powder. Division the craven pieces with alkali and pepper, again absterge in the abrade mixture. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the bucket and already it gets hot, add craven and amber on both abandon – about 3-4 account per side. You can add the added olive oil through affable or already you cast the chicken. Already the craven is done, set it abreast in a basin and bung with 1/4 cup of addle addition sauce.

Set out an accumulation band of tortillas, disconnected cheddar, burst gorgonzola, lettuce, blooming onions, avocado, cilantro and agronomical addle addition booze for drizzling. Serve hot so the cheese melts!

Buffalo Chicken Tacos I baycheat.com

I like this. You should too.