Accept you anytime bought something… say, like a amalgamation of cookies… or a pint of phish aliment ice cream… or a bag of peanut adulate m&m’s… or a alembic of smashing s’mores from Banker Joe’s… and ripped into the backing afore you could alike unload the blow of your groceries? Like say… in the car?

Homemade Smashing S'mores I

And maybe even… eaten the absolute bag/pint/container… ? No?


Neither accept I.

Phew. Animated we got that out of the way and accomplished that we accept yet addition affair in common. This is the best accord ever. Advice people. It’s all about communication.

Homemade Smashing S'mores I

So, back I still accept the entire alembic larboard *cough cough* of those Trader Joe’s smashing s’mores that I bought aftermost weekend, I absitively to charm them in apprehension for the day back I eventually do *cough cough* run out. I like to plan ahead. Get all my ducks in a row if you apperceive what I’m saying.

Homemade Smashing S'mores I

And you apperceive I adulation a acceptable s’more, well… a acceptable s’more ANYTHING. If accounted adapted I’d acquiescently aloof boost one acquiescent (okay, maybe two), a block of chocolate, and a graham cracker in my aperture again breathe absolutely abundant to accomplish it balmy and chew. Don’t be grossed out. S’mores are messy. It’s aloof their thing.

Homemade Smashing S'mores I

I don’t absolutely apperceive why Banker Joe (he is a being right?!) calls these little s’more bites “smashing,” but I like it and I like him. And I like aggregate abroad he makes. So you should accomplish a smashing s’more. It’s cute. It’s hardly bigger than bite-size. It’s the absolute admeasurement that looks like it will fit in your aperture but again back you absolutely try you accomplish a huge arse out of yourself because you accept to accessible your aperture as advanced as accessible and again try to bite and yeah… you know. But it is 100% account it because these are alarming and alike bigger – you can accomplish one or seven or 39 at a time. Oh! And they are accessible too. Accessible peasy.


If you absolutely appetite to go all out, you could make your own graham absurd like my acquaintance Ashley already did and again make your own marshmallows too. This way you could accomplish alike tinier smashing s’mores (but um… why would you appetite to?) and ones added compatible in admeasurement that can absolutely fit in your mouth. And maybe you could accept a bit added backbone than me and accomplish them prettier so they aren’t a dash accumulation mess.

Homemade Smashing S'mores I

I alone anticipate they are the absolute bite to mindlessly pop while you watch Boyhood Mom and that added absolutely bookish appearance that makes you use your brain. Oh and if you appetite to pop this in the microwave? You are smart. Do your thang. I approve.

I’m blurry. Don’t apperception me. My columnist was too active chewing.

Smashing S’mores

copied afterwards Banker Joe’s smashing s’mores

makes about abounding you want


graham crackers

chocolate chips or bar chocolate, melted

Melt a tiny basin of amber to use as “glue.” Cook added amber (I acclimated about 1 cup of amber chips) in a abysmal bottle or mug to accomplish it accessible for dipping.

Break grahams into fours, again cut or breeze anniversary allotment into squares. Use a dab of amber to “glue” the squares together, again add one added dab on top of the top graham and columnist the acquiescent down. Let sit for 30-60 account (or abode in the fridge for about 15 if impatient) or until the grahams and marshmallows are “stuck” together. Application a attenuate angle or continued pointy apparatus (I acclimated a fondue dipped) and columnist it into the top of the acquiescent gently. Dip it in the amber and awning as abundant as you can. Abolish and let set on wax paper, abacus added amber to the top if you’d like.

I stored abundance in the fridge but they are accomplished at allowance temperature too!

Homemade Smashing S'mores I

If smashing s’mores aren’t your thing, again maybe you can accomplish some brownies or bars or bandy s’mores in a jar or alike accomplish a pie. And if s’mores aloof aren’t your thing, able-bodied then… I don’t alike apperceive you anymore.