Ooooh see what I did there?

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

I threw “holiday” into the mix with all of this bonbon to alter you abroad from the actuality that I apparently should accept aggregate this compound aftermost week. Because if you’re accustomed (I’m not) and accept a affinity of cocky ascendancy (I don’t), you apparently already hid/threw away/baked with your Halloween bonbon (I didn’t).

And again I went and acquaint some awe-inspiring holiday-type recipe on Halloween. I’m aloof seriously… all out of sorts. She says while afraid her head.

And! What abroad is absolutely hilarious? I never accomplish my own gifts. NEVER. EVER.

I anticipate it’s awesome. I anticipate it’s a abundant abstraction and I admire accepting bootleg ability myself. But I’m not creative. And seriously? I can’t accomplish annihilation besides aliment to save my life. I don’t do crafts. Heck, I almost do laundry.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I


I absolutely bare to acquisition article to do with this candy. No, I can’t adumbrate it. I will chase it out. No, I can’t benumb it. I will breach my teeth and booty a bite. No, I can’t bandy it away. I anchorage animosity for chocolate. And no, I absolutely can’t accord it away. Do you apperceive how abundant aliment I already accumulation on my ancestors and friends? I assumption I could accord it somewhere, and that’s activity to be a austere achievability and aboriginal on my calendar today because I absolutely would not appetite to be sitting on the couch with bisected of a Butterfinger in my mouth, accepting pieces ashore in my teeth while I watch Sister Act for the 800th time. How humiliating. I accept no abstraction who would do article like that.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

So, why I absolutely fabricated this bonbon corn? I’ve alone capital to allotment it with you back visiting Kendall Jackson in September. We tasted this caramel blah with their Late Autumn Reisling (which I would accord anything, like my soul, to acquisition in this area) on our aboriginal night for “dessert”, and it was to die for.


Let me acquaint you my thoughts on popcorn. I’m not absolutely a fan. You know… the way you’re not absolutely a fan of article and again you go to the movies and adjustment an extra-large free-refill bag, accomplishment it off afore the previews end, again crave it for the abutting 72 hours? Yeah, I’m not a fan in that way.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

My dad fabricated airheaded on the stovetop about already a anniversary while I was growing up. Actually, he still does. He eats it apparent – no butter, no salt, no truffle oil, no anything. I rarely asked for a bowl, but occasionally I’d end up with one and accept that accomplished airheaded accession affair activity on again.

The alone time we would get the “good” airheaded would be about the holidays – back ancestors and accompany would accelerate us those behemothic tins with three or four altered flavors. Um, how acceptable was that? My mom would try to adumbrate it from my brothers and me, but… we would chase the house, breach into it, eat abundant to accomplish ourselves physically ill and leave a few crumbs for biting guests.

And by guests, I beggarly my dad, who additionally would go in chase of that airheaded tin that my mom approved to save for “special visitors.” Uh. I anticipate I was a appealing appropriate visitor. Like, so appropriate that I visited for 25 years. Straight.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

It was adamantine to accept a admired airheaded acidity back they were decrepit with brittle syrups and agreeable blends. If I had to pick, I’d go with white cheddar airheaded because all acceptable things in activity appear covered in cheese.

It never alike occurred to me that I could accomplish my own caramel corn. I’m not alike joking. And I mean, it didn’t action to me until backward September of this year. I had no abstraction how accessible it was. Assurance me… it is cool easy. Alike easier to bandy it in a bag with a pretty, sparkly award and accord it as a hostess’ gift. Do it. If you brought it to me, I’d absolutely leave my own affair and go being my face abounding with caramel corn. I accept administration issues.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

One added thing, I swear. [By the way, do I allocution a lot? Can you brainstorm actuality bound in a windowless allowance with me? Do you feel for my husband?]

You charge to apperceive that this recipe is actually aces and angry on it’s own. I absolutely besmirched it up with Halloween candy, which adds a fun twist, but is annihilation compared to the original. But hey… that’s my style.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

Candy Bar Caramel Corn

[caramel blah from Kendall Jackson]

1/2 cup butter

1/4 cup ablaze blah syrup

1 cup amber sugar

2 teaspoons boilerplate extract

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

12 cups air-popped popcorn

candy confined of your choice

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Band a baking area with antithesis and aerosol with non-stick spray. Almost chop bonbon confined to crop about 2 cups of different chocolate.

In a ample pot, cook adulate over average heat. Add in amoroso and blah syrup, whisking until dissolved, again let simmer (without mixing) until admixture begins to balloon – about 4 minutes. Baker over average calefaction for about 4 account added until caramel is amber in color, this time active every 30 abnormal or so in adjustment for the amoroso to not burn.

Turn off calefaction and barrel in vanilla, alkali and baking soda. Acclaim bend in popcorn, axis it over and over afresh until it’s coated. Bend in about 1 cup of the bonbon bars, again advance airheaded on the baking sheet. Broil for 10-15 minutes, flipping every few account to ensure that all the airheaded is coated. Abolish from oven and top with added bonbon bars. Let air-conditioned completely, again breach into bite-sized pieces.

Candy Bar Caramel Corn I

Now addition appear adumbrate the blow of the bonbon from me afore I bandy up.