There’s a acumen that I’m cogent you about this on a Monday.

You know… the day back affair are rare? Or maybe they are added accepted than normal? Whatever.

There’s a reason.

It’s because: you can accomplish this… and abundance it in your freezer… and booty a few spoonfuls every distinct night this week. EVERY DISTINCT NIGHT. It’s like a absolute treat. You can absorb it all at already or you can booty a few tastes (yeah right) to wind bottomward from the day.

And if I’m absolutely actuality hopeful I will pretend that you’re account this afore work/school/life begins today, that you accept aggregate on hand, and that you’re bond it calm as we allege (read?) so it will be readily accessible appear 5PM. I will adulation you forever.

I’m not abiding if you’ve heard, but this guy I alive with thinks the Kentucky Derby is affectionate of a big deal. Like – life-altering big deal. He advance the horses for an absolute year arch up to the Derby and does accompanying horse being like every day of his life. I assumption it’s his amusement or something, and that’s fine… I aloof ambition I was air-conditioned abundant to be arrive about so I could abode article ridiculously abhorrent on my arch while cutting a dress and seven inch heels.

But I’m not soooooo… I tend to get acutely affronted audition about horse racing. I apprehend about it every distinct day of my life. I abatement comatose while watching Bridesmaids for the 80th time on HBO and deathwatch up to a horse race. We won’t splurge account for an added cine channel, but we do accept a approach committed to alone horse racing. They accept commentators and everything. In fact, I’m appealing abiding that’s my husband’s dream job.

So this is what I do on Derby day: alcohol excellent juleps. I mean, the Derby itself is cool exciting, alike admitting I tend to get cool all-overs attacks in affecting situations as such. But did you apperceive that there’s like, a billion added contest AFORE the Derby? So yeah. That day calls for assorted excellent juleps. This ANNIVERSARY calls for assorted excellent juleps. You accept to adapt or… train, if you will. Get ready!

Cherry Excellent Julep Slushies

serves 2 generously

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup water

15 beginning excellent leaves added for garnish

3/4 cup bourbon

3 tablespoons maraschino blooming juice

To accomplish the excellent simple syrup: Add amoroso and 3/4 cup baptize to a baby bucket and calefaction over average calefaction aloof until it bubbles. About-face bottomward to low for 2 minutes, again abolish from calefaction and let sit for 15-20 account until cooled. Abolish mint.

Finely chop actual bristles excellent leaves. In a ample barometer cup/bowl, amalgamate bourbon, simple syrup, actual baptize (1/4 cup) and blooming juice. Cascade in a baking dish, again activity in chopped excellent leaves. Benumb either brief or for 6-8 hours, again scrape with a angle or beanery and abode in a glass. Adornment with added mint.

For granitas, add 1/2 cup added water, abate the bourbon by 1/4 of a cup, and benumb brief again scrape with a fork.

Note: if you are disgusted by my use of blooming abstract in a excellent julep, feel chargeless to leave it out! Additionally, if the chopped beginning excellent freaks you out, you can add accomplished leaves to the admixture and abolish them afore serving.

Oh and by the way I’m unofficially declaring this put-booze-in-your-recipes anniversary because I, uh… accidentally on purpose and unapologetically did that to four recipes you’ll see this week.