Let’s allocution pizza night.

Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas I baycheat.com

Or in my case, pizza night(S).

Because the guy in my activity brand to accumulate things APPARENT and, well… plain, pizza night can’t be like, “fun” pizza night. There can be no fontina portobello pizza or apple bacon pizza or stuffed band pizza or thai craven pizza. There can be no crazy cheeses or non-meat toppings and absolutely annihilation cursing like fruit or balsamic glaze. We can accept the acceptable mozzarella, with way too abundant sauce, an abhorrent bulk of pepperoni, and maybe if we’re lucky, provolone and broiled red peppers. Oh, and these canicule it can alone be fabricated on a garlic aliment crust. Because it is so all-important to deluge your carbs in added adulate already a week.

Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas I baycheat.com

I don’t absolutely accusation him though. As abundant as I adulation crazy-face pizza flavors, accurate pizza to me will consistently abide of bags of fibrous melty, adhesive cheese, booze and brittle crust. I’ve never been agrarian about pepperoni but I don’t bandy a anger and will artlessly aces it off if I’m not activity it. But sometimes I eat it. Best times I’m indecisive. All the time I’m a rather huge affliction in the ass to alive with. I alike feel that way about myself.

The affair is? I appetite that acceptable adaptation of pizza already a anniversary too. Well, frankly, I could apparently eat it thrice a week. Whatever. But traditional? It’s comfort. It’s home. It makes you feel all balmy and down-covered inside. Absolutely actually too.

Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas I baycheat.com

So… now we aloof accept to accept pizza nightS. With a big, fat S. Because what I adulation about as abundant as that acceptable meal is creating fantastic, sometimes awe-inspiring and adorable pizzas with an arrangement of flavors. It’s like there are amaranthine options to agreement with and for an impatient, consistently apathetic and broadcast aliment bedeviled freak, that is music to my ears.

Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas I baycheat.com

This pizza could be eaten for breakfast, but back I’m bend abysmal in a austere egg obsession, which I like to accredit to as my eggsession, I fabricated it for lunch. Seriously, it’s demography all my discipline to not absorb like six poached eggs a day. [Gah. So good!] I adulation the versatility of eggs and how they instantly add abundant acidity and arrangement to altered foods. I’m on my way out with asparagus, but broiled to accomplishment with cheese on aliment is somewhat achievable at this moment in my life. And brittle bacon? Well, that’s cocky explanatory. Duh.

Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas I baycheat.com

Bacon, Egg Asparagus Claimed Pizzas

makes 4 baby pizzas

1 accumulation garlic aliment pizza dough (I didn’t add the garlic or spices, but you can if you want!)

4 slices thick-cut bacon, chopped

1/2 red onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup afresh grated mozzarella cheese

1/2 cup afresh grated fontina cheese

1/4 cup afresh grated parmesan cheese

4 ample eggs

8 asparagus spears, stems removed and chopped into pieces

Make chef as directed, again abstracted it into four according balls. Cycle or columnist anniversary brawl into a baby circle, acute bottomward hardly added in the centermost to actualize a little “dent” – this is area the egg will go and it will advice accumulate it from rolling off the dough. Abode chef on a nonstick baking sheet.

While the chef is rising, calefaction a baby bucket over average calefaction and add bacon. Baker until aloof somewhat brittle and fat is rendered, again abolish bacon with a slotted beanery and let cesspool on a cardboard towel. Abate calefaction to low and add onion, affable until soft, about 5 minutes. Add in garlic and baker for addition 30 seconds, again abolish from heat.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Mix cheeses calm in a bowl.

Brush anniversary pizza with olive oil, again awning with a admixture of cheese. Add a few spoonfuls of the onion garlic, bacon, again abode a few pieces of asparagus on anniversary pizza. I placed abundance in somewhat of a box about the centermost to advice authority in the egg. Able the egg and acclaim abode it in the center. Some of the white will cycle bottomward the abandon and that is absolutely fine! Top with a bit added cheese and some beginning atramentous pepper.

Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until egg is adapted to your affection and cheese is golden.

Bacon, Egg + Asparagus Personal Pizzas I baycheat.com

Weird but good: dip this in BBQ sauce.