I apperceive I apperceive I know.

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

It’s like I’ve been on this huge fruit additional cheese additional annihilation grilled cheese kick… forever. They are aloof so easy. So tasty. So pretty. So absolute for one person!

Also, seriously? The combos are endless. Name your fruit… name your cheese… basically aces your poison.

That’s aloof how it goes.

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

And because of all that, let’s allocution about article you shouldn’t do while your bedmate is out of town. Frankly, you proooobably shouldn’t accomplish three broiled cheese sandwiches at once. I mean, really. Three?

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

Because of this, I’ve been active on sandwiches back Sunday. Back I picked up this aliment that morning, it was so beginning that it was still WARM. I had huge affairs for it, apparently involving garlic and gorgonzola and maybe alike some filet. But again I spied a dying alembic of blackberries in my fridge, and back I haven’t dead my basil bulb yet, I ample I bigger put it to work, and I knew I had some fontina in the cheese drawer because… I consistently accept fontina in the cheese drawer.

I about fabricated that blend into a pizza, but I could not abide this bread, which is huge back aliment is not my thang. This anniversary was weird.

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

Besides actual on bake-apple and cheese sandwiches, a little wine, a lot of amber and some yogurt covered pretzels, I spent a few hours bygone prepping some commons for my bedmate aback we aren’t bridge paths this week. At the moment I’m best acceptable on a even to Seattle (scared to afterlife aback I’m a huge twit) and he won’t be abiding home until tomorrow, but aback he does acknowledgment home? He has a fridge abounding with enchiladas, bbq beer chicken, and about two accomplished pounds of broiled sesame apricot – which will best acceptable all be captivated in the 48 hours afore I get back.

I’d like to say that he will apparently absence me, but the DVR chain is actively abounding of Avoid Absolutism and all those impaired assurance boutique shows, and it will be an absolute anniversary back he’s been affected to bifold up on cutting adenoids strips and been consistently kicked in the ribs mid-snore. Let’s face it: he’s in heaven.

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

One affair he will absolutely not alike affliction about is the actuality this he absent these sandwiches. Because they abode no meat, I wouldn’t alike be able to force him to eat them as a bite or an appetizer, which is why they accomplish the best distinct adult aliment ever. Alike back you eat one a day for four canicule straight. And maybe alike two on the aftermost day, aloof to accomplish abiding they’re perfect. But I don’t apperceive any admirable adult who’d do that.

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

Fontina Blackberry Basil Accident Broiled Cheese Sandwiches

makes 4 sandwiches

1 loaf of multigrain bread, cut into 8 blubbery slices

12 ounces of beginning blackberries

12-15 beginning basil leaves, chopped

6-8 ounces of fontina cheese, sliced

2 tablespoons olive oil

In a ample bowl, brew blackberries with a angle (be accurate – they will splatter!) and activity in chopped basil. Calefaction an electric battercake or ample bucket over medium-low heat.

Lay a allotment of cheese on anniversary allotment of bread, again top with a few spoonfuls of burst blackberries. Acclaim aces up 3 slices, besom some olive oil on the bottom, and abode them on the battercake or skillet. Abode the actual slices on top, abrasion them with olive oil too. I like to baker these over lower and boring so the aliment gets altogether aureate and the cheese melts, so let anniversary ancillary baker for about 4-5 minutes. Abolish and dig in!

Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches I baycheat.com

Luckily, I’m not actual respectable.