I am currently in adulation with 3PM every day.

This has been my afternoon (and pre-yoga!) snack for about two weeks and I still cannot get enough. It’s absolutely what gets me through my assignment day and I’m cogent you, it alike has abracadabra powers. It makes me eat VEGETABLES. Yes. You heard me.

I accept consistently been a milk amber affectionate of girl, but I addled a accord with myself that during the week, I’d try to eat some aphotic amber back it has, uh… antioxidants. You know.

So for awhile, it was a the aphotic amber with almonds. I begin that aggregate to be absolute – tastes cool acceptable but additionally makes me feel good. THEN. I started abacus in some of my admired merlot-soaked cheese (I get this at my admired bounded market but Banker Joe’s additionally has an alarming syrah-soaked parm) and application the ghirardelli cabernet matinee which um OMG tasteslikewine! It’s aces and I appetite to eat an absolute bar every distinct day of my life. Ghirardelli beatific me added amber than I could anytime dream of, but the cabernet is by far my fave.

Which leads to the vegetables. I attending advanced to this aggregate of the merlot parmesan, almonds and chocolate-that-tastes-like-wine so abundant that it makes it a little easier for me to eat things that are not covered in cheese and bacon all day long. Accomplish sense? Things like kale and maybe mushrooms and maybe some adulate bill too. I know… what a airing on the agrarian side. Huge for me though. As continued as I apperceive that I’m accepting this snack, it’s all good. It gives me a little activity addition and forth with actuality both candied and savory, holds me over until banquet so I don’t eat an absolute box of atom – beeline outta the box – as I baker said dinner. Which happens all the time.

What I’m aggravating to say is that I adulation it, majorly. Accept you approved this stuff?

…and yes, it’s acutely adorable with wine.

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