Can I be crazily cliche and anticipated for a moment?


April Beauty Favorites I


I’m actively freaking out that it is (almost) May already. It’s scary.

Anyway, let’s allocution makeup! It’s alone my admired day of the month. And I’m actuality absolutely truthful. This is my complete admired day because I like discussing makeup-y things with added adorableness bedeviled people. I accept a brace repeats this ages which may be annoying, but honestly… they are my favorites and this is what I use. It’s not like I aloof aces being out to put in these posts. This is allllll what’s activity bottomward on my face.

Let’s get to it.

MAC Lipglass in Nicki I

First up, lipglass! You ability bethink that I accept above adulation activity with MAC dazzleglass, but continued afore those came out I was absorbed on their lipglass, as I’m abiding abounding of you were. The aloft is one of my best admired pinks. This is absolutely my additional tube, which speaks volumes if you’re a lipgloss person, but I flew through my aboriginal one aftermost summer. It’s so pretty-pinky-coraly and I aloof admire it. It’s the Nicki lipglass and it’s consistently in my purse. It’s absolutely array of agnate to a NYX adulate appearance I mentioned a few months ago (which I still ADORE) but this one is abundant more opaque. The NYX ones are a bit added sheer.

Revlon Darling, Charm, Cherish - NYX Nude Pink Liner I

Okay. Next. This is array of a funny story. Well, not really. So – I am absolutely not a lip stain girl. I absolutely ABHORRENCE back my aperture are stained, mainly because in the accomplished any array of “stain” has been translated to your aperture actuality hot blush for eons. I additionally absolutely adulation to reapply appearance or lipstick – heck, alike change colors throughout the day. I mean, I can never accomplish up my mind. A few months ago, Jessica alien me to these revlon caressible analgesic stains and alike gave me one for my birthday. While I admired them, I still couldn’t get abaft the accomplished stain (even admitting these mostly stain in the blush they show) and set them aside. But… I acclimated it beforehand this ages and absitively I admired it. So abundant so that I had to go and buy a few added colors – these are (from top to bottom) darling, agreeableness and cherish.

OMG. Afterwards accepting these ones, I became freakishly obsessed. I am in adulation with them, and alike added so? I’m in adulation with LAYERING them! I will mix two altered ones and use combos of the three above, additional the aboriginal one I had (which is in honey). I still sometimes use appearance on top and I still acquisition that I reapply the heck out of them, but I can’t get enough. These shades are so absolute for bounce and summer.

I am additionally not a lipliner babe but this color is absolute for defining my aperture back application these colors and not attractive like a crazy person.

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine I

Since you’ve listened to me whine about how incredible the Korres Jasmine lip butter is for the aftermost four months, I was cool aflame to get the little clasp tube of the aforementioned artefact in a allowance set. It doesn’t assume to accept the alabaster ablution of blush that the tub does, but it still smells the aforementioned (aka perfect) and feels like heaven on your lips. If you don’t like dipping your feel into the aboriginal tub, this is a win.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint I

Cheek stuff! This is addition sample that I’ve had for ages. To be frank, I don’t absolutely like Account products. I anticipate they can be array of hype-y. I ABSOLUTELY admired them aback in aerial academy and capital aggregate they put out, so maybe that is why I am not as alert these days? There are a brace of blushes that I accept and like, but added than that, I’m not a huge fan. Yes, that includes the They’re Absolute mascara. Don’t like it. It does annihilation for me. BUT. Back I’m absorbed on coral, this cha cha tint is acceptable my best friend. I absolutely accept abstruse to adulation chrism bloom (I talked about one of my added favorites in February) and while this is a bit added liquidly, I adulation how it blends. It’s absolutely not as alarming as it looks in the photo. It’s cool fun! I anticipate it would additionally attending alike bigger on darker bark tones.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed and Tipsy I

And yes, I’m still affectionate to my admired tarte blushes. I’ve mentioned these both before but if I’m in a blitz (or aloof if I… appetite them), these colors are my go-tos. The one of the larboard is exposed, which I anticipate will consistently be in my architecture bag. The appropriate adumbration is addled and is so abundant fun for this time of year. Again, it’s not scary. I admire it. I adulation these things.

Real Techniques Brush I

While on the affair of blushes, I appetite to accident my absolute face into this brush. Angelic crap, it is so flippin’ soft. I don’t necessarily use it for bloom all the time – sometimes for crumb or alike bronzer or something, but it is SO FLUFFY. It is by absolute techniques and I get it at Ulta. It is abundant cheaper than any besom from MAC and feels like a abuse billow on your face.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette I

Moving on to eyes… yeah, still accident it over the naked basics palette. It’s still aberrant for this blush lover but it’s perfect. I accept no added words. Except: adore.

MAC talent pool, trax and steamy I

Buuuut… I still can’t let go of all color. As you can tell, these babies are able-bodied loved. From the right, these are MAC aptitude basin (which I anticipate was bound copy or article but it is YEARS old), trax and steamy. Three of my best faves and colors I acutely use constantly. I consistently ability for these, alike if it’s to use a liner besom and put them on my lower baste band with accustomed adumbration on top.

MAC Pigment in Blue Brown I

And to abide my colorant admiration from aftermost month: I apperceive I aggregate a agglomeration of (old) favorites, but this is a new one I best up because I ABSENT MY APPERCEPTION OVER THE COLOR. It’s MAC animate blue and the pics don’t alike do it justice. In all my old MAC allowance sets, there was alone one dejected colorant and it was such a aphotic fleet that it about appeared black. I aloof adulation this so much. And I’ll apparently accept it for, like, ten additional years.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Underground I

Oh oh oh!! Oh my gosh. I am additionally absolutely aflame about this. You guys apperceive I adulation my 24/7 liners (when burghal adulteration appear the liner basement beforehand this ages it took aggregate in me not to acquirement a $300 box abounding of eyeliner), but amber is never a blush I approach towards. HOWEVER. This shade, underground, is such a air-conditioned brown. It’s about like… what’s the word… brownish like? Chromographic? I accept no abstraction but it’s not aloof apparent old brown. If you go to Ulta or Sephora and try it on your duke that move it around, you’ll absolutely see what I mean. It changes shades in the light!

Loreal Voluminous and Maybelline The Falsies Mascara I

Since I haven’t mentioned mascara back January, I anticipation I’d amend you on what I’m using. I’m still gung ho about loreal abundant carbon black, but I tend to amalgamate it with this maybelline falsies flared. I absolutely don’t apperceive why I didn’t acknowledgment the closing aback in January – I’ve been application it for apparently six months and I feel like it separates my lashes (which are short, chubby and nonexistent, appropriately why I consistently abrasion fakes which prob makes it worse) while addition too. I’m all about breadth – I could affliction beneath about volume. So I like the admixture of the two – I’ll alpha with the maybelline one and accomplishment with loreal.

I’m additionally still application and adherent my YSL blush mascaras but those acutely aren’t everyday. Unless your name is Jessica…

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation I

Okay. I can’t accept I’m alike talking about this product. For two reasons: one, because it’s foundation and two, because it’s awning girl. Ew, I know, I’m such a architecture snob. I accept it. I mean, I will use about EVERY CAST out there afore clearing on awning girl. Aloof a brainy block, I guess. I was accepted amiss though…

I don’t appetite to complete like a burst record, but I’ve talked about how I abhor foundation and aloof abhorrence accepting being on my face. It’s gotten a little bigger back I started application the adorableness blender aftermost year and I’ve approved out a scattering of foundations aloof to see how they look. If I booty my time, I usually tend to ADULATION how my bark looks with them – aloof so alike and flawless. Up until now, my admired has been this YSL le teint touche eclat. That actuality said, I alone abrasion it MAYBE already a week. Remember… I assignment from home and don’t accept a life.

The alone acumen I purchased the aloft was because all the you tube girls I adulation were talking about it actuality so great. I ample back it was adequately bargain that I would accord it a shot, and I had absolutely self-tanned my face and bare article a bit darker that accepted anyway. OHMYWORD. I’ve alone beat it maybe 5-6 times but ummm… it’s been perfect. I’ve activated with both a besom and a adorableness blender. I adulation it every distinct time. It has kept my bloom on my cheeks like annihilation else. I still set it with my MAC Fix and aloof adulation it.

As a accidental but hardly accordant ancillary note, I additionally abstruse this ages that BB chrism and foundation attending so abundant bigger on my bark afterwards a primer. Like abounding others, I drank the album koolaid afterwards aggravating bags and bags of samples. It additionally aloof FEELS absolutely alarming on your face. But back I’m activity to put article added on my skin, I’ve abstruse that whatever is activity on looks abundant bigger and added accustomed afterwards a primer. Riddle me that.

MAC Radiant Rose I

Along the aforementioned curve as face stuff, I’ve been application this MAC beaming rose concealer beneath my eyes. Freaking adulation it. As you can see above, it’s absolutely blush bass which consistently works for me. I still adulation the maybelline burning age rewind that I talked about in January, but if I am cutting article like foundation on my face, I’ve begin that this is easier to use and looks better. I’d say for the aftermost 2-3 months, I’ve acclimated this bisected the time and the maybelline age rewind the added half.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer I

Let’s allocution about moisturizer. What is your admired daytime moisturizer with sunscreen?

My complete admired is my Trish McEvoy adorableness booster cream that I talked about aftermost year. GAH. I adulation it so much. It has a bendability that I’ve never acquainted in any added moisturizer. It’s absolute for my hardly sensitive, array of dry but appealing accustomed skin. It’s aloof amazing beneath architecture or beat alone. However, it’s freakishly big-ticket and I’m additionally not captivated that it’s abounding with parabens. I know, I know… a lot of my added articles are abounding with them too, but not things that I necessarily use on my anatomy every distinct day of my life. I apperceive that there is alike analysis out there that parabens aren’t abhorrent and admired dermatologists that anticipate they may be harmless, but I’m torn. All things in moderation… and my facial moisturizer acclimated every distinct day is not moderation. I’ve never begin annihilation abroad that I adulation as much. I accept been application the aloft aveeno moisturizer and it’s appealing good. I’ve acclimated yes to carrots in the accomplished and back this is gone I may try an Olay one. But thoughts on your favorite?

Tarte Maracuja C-brighter Eye Brightener I

My admired eye creams in the accomplished accept been by kiehls and shiseido, but I accustomed this tarte eye treatment in a little set at sephora and absolutely like it a lot. I’m not so abundant anxious with article abbreviating wrinkles – I don’t absolutely accept that is accessible and at this age, I’m activity added for bactericide care, but my capital ambition with any chrism for my eyes is moisture. If my beneath eyes are dry, my concealer can get cakey and again I attending alike older. Ick. So I tap this on afore bed and afore I put on makeup. I don’t like that it doesn’t accept sunscreen though, so sometimes I will aloof use my daytime moisturizer as a makeshift eye chrism and tap it on so I accept some SPF up there. Do it, people. You don’t charge a little big-ticket jar of stuff!

…says the babe who aloof told you about an $85 moisturizer. Hi, I’m a hypocrite.

St Tropez Tanning Mousse I

Moving appropriate along…

Last summer I purchased the wonderfulness accepted as St. Tropez afterwards sky aerial recommendations from Heather. Um, it’s the best. As addition with crazily anemic bark (no actively – I am consistently the aboriginal adumbration in any array of face architecture and often, the aboriginal adumbration is still too dark), I accept approved every cocky tanner on the bazaar back I was in aerial school. I never capital to buy into the St Tropez advertising but man… it is not hype. This is not streaky, it is not orange, it dries anon and has never transferred on to my clothes once.

I can’t absolutely be agitated to cocky tan that much, but I’ve done it a scattering of times now and aloof adulation this product. It’s actual subtle.

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Body Butter I

Once I accept a little blush in the summer, I occasionally like to use those pretty, sparkly lotions because I will always be a 7th brand girl. Let’s allocution about this pacifica attic ashamed fair anatomy butter. I spied this in Accomplished Foods a few years ago and about agitated over back I saw the amount tag was abreast $25. UM WHAT. If I am advantageous $25 for balm it bigger accord me legs like Carrie Underwood. And a lot more.

Luckily, about Christmas time it was 50% off at Sephora. Win. It smells like the tropics. Addition booty me there please. Alone splurge on this if you acquisition it on sale.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash I

Don’t apperception this upside bottomward photo as I was too apathetic to absolutely abolish this canteen from the shower, and accordingly climbed in the battery with my camera to booty a photo. We accept both been application this anatomy wash for the aftermost two months and it’s cool affable and wonderful. (And yes, the men’s facial abrade belongs to my husband.) I still use my Nuetrogena grapefruit anatomy ablution with salicylic acid appropriate afterwards workouts or sparingly, but this is our go-to soap. It smells appealing acceptable too.

EOS Shave Cream I

Speaking of showering, I haven’t been a barber chrism being back my mom told me I wasn’t accustomed to barber my legs and I abandoned her on the aboriginal day of sixth grade, but this EOS barber cream from ambition smells so acceptable I appetite to eat it. It’s like FROSTING.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I

hair beard hair!

Alright. 2013 has been the year I’ve become amorous with dry shampoo. Yes, this translates to I-work-from-home-and-work-15-hour-days-and-barely-shower-let-alone-wash-my-hair but hey – who cares? I’m abandoned best of the day, acknowledge goodness. I apperceive I aggregate this aback in January, but my Ulta has back starting accustomed so abounding added scents and I am in adulation with the two above. They are my circadian favorites. They aroma DELICIOUS. The one on the right is my claimed fave, but they were out of it aftermost time I went (and it’s pretty much empty) so I affective the cherry. I like it a lot.

As addition accidental but hardly accordant ancillary note: I banned to abatement victim to the dry absterge trend for years. Back I don’t accept adipose bark (I mean, it never gets oily, ever) – my beard rarely, if ever, gets adipose or greasy. And that’s with workouts. It doesn’t charge the dry absterge for that reason, but already I started application this, I fell in adulation with the aggregate and arrangement it gives. Which additionally says a lot, back my beard has a acceptable bit of aggregate on it’s own.

Jo Malone Cologne in Ginger Biscuit I

Oh hi. I adored the best for last.

Even back I mentioned my admired aroma in January, bodies accept been advancing out of the woodwork cogent me I charge to try Jo Malone scents. I anticipate that my current perfume will be my always perfume, but back it’s berserk expensive, I’ve been attractive for a aroma that I could abrasion in amid to accomplish my admired aftermost longer. Afterwards the taylor abrupt aroma adversity of 2013, I absitively to go with this amber biscuit cologne and AHHHHHH. This is to die for. Afterwards wearing Burberry Brit and Prada for the aftermost about ten years, I aloof kinda capital a change, and now I’m set. Admitting I accept to admit… I still aerosol that West Ancillary aroma on my anatomy back I’m home abandoned because I adulation it so much.

PS: I anticipate this aroma is bound edition. Wah.

Whew. I feel like I aloof talked FOR.EV.ER. Because I did. You apperceive the drill. Acquaint me your favorites!

[none of this column is sponsored; I bought all of these articles myself because I’m a adorableness junkie/hoarder. none of these brands apperceive who i am and afterwards alert to me ramble, apparently never appetite to. a few links aloft are amazon associate links.]