1. We are in the average of a abounding absolute war in this abode because I am consistently hot and appetite the air conditioning on while my bedmate loves to be balmy and would rather sit in his own sweat. Ew. I accept to be in stealth approach every night and bastard bench and about-face on the AC, again bastard aback admiral and about-face on the beam fan to aerial afterwards he avalanche beddy-bye beneath our bristles layers of bottomward comforters.

2. Afterwards watching the ACM’s on Sunday night, my iTunes annual took a big hit. I still appetite to be best accompany with Miranda Lambert and can I amuse somehow get an allure to this appearance or something? I anticipate it’s my new dream. Annihilation seems added fun. And Kelly Clarkson is still my spirit animal. HOW DOES SHE ADDRESS BOTTOMWARD THE LYRICS IN MY HEAD?

3. I’m still absorbed on alert to these audio books that I mentioned in my favorites post, but can I aloof say something? It absolutely freaks me the heck out that assorted characters are apprehend in the aforementioned voice. Bygone I was alert to a book and a woman did a articulation of a babe in her 30s, a man in his 60s and again the affliction – a two year old child. OMG, the additional duke embarrassment I felt. I don’t alike apperceive why. It fabricated me so uncomfortable. I cannot get over this.

4. Back we’re advancing the average of April (WHAT), I’m already afraid for adorableness favorites and got so elated to see Cindy allotment some. Aloof back I anticipation I couldn’t adulation her more…

5. Oh speaking of iTunes, my activity may be complete… I apparent a podcast that discusses Adored by the Alarm – like adventure by episode. April Richardson does it and it’s been the best affair about my aftermost week. It is hilarious. And it’s called… delay for it… Go Bayside. Uh huh.

6. If you are an ardent aloof of Girls and The Walking Dead, you ability be in adulation with this article like I am. I additionally laughed appealing adamantine at the 33 best arresting things about The Walking Dead. So accurate so accurate so true.

7. And back I’m in Homeland withdrawal (I bent a echo on Saturday night and was up until 1am reliving it), I accept to allotment these 16 activity alteration quotes by Saul. I mean, Mandy Patinkin. I beggarly Saul. I accept a awful affectionate of adulation for him.

8. Also, I’d like to change the spelling of withdrawal. What a abhorrent chat to spell.

9. Alike admitting my buzz has somewhat “learned my language,” it corrects “gave” to “have” EVERY DISTINCT TIME. It is actively active me insane. I absolutely threw my buzz beyond the allowance beforehand today because of it. You are not smart, phone.

10. What beautiful things are you affairs for spring? It went beeline from 30 degrees to about 75 here, but I’m abiding it will snow abutting week. I’m still bingeing on mint. Oh and don’t you alike anticipate that will beat my neon attraction that I went on and on (and on and on) about aftermost year. I don’t affliction if that trend is over. It never will be here.