1. I debated on whether or not to go advanced with today’s Tuesday Things in ablaze of the contempo contest in Boston. All my activity I’ve CAPITAL to be a runner, but could never do it; until this aftermost year area I’ve dabbled in it absolutely a bit. I don’t apperceive if it’s that actuality that fabricated this adversity hit me hard, or that my cousin/best friend/life saver is in the final training stages for her own chase or that my bedmate (which some of your ability remember) acclimated to run marathons and I’ve been a army spectator/supporter/shouter abounding times. As adverse as some of the added contempo tragedies accept been in our world, I sometimes acquisition myself disturbing to chronicle because I am so far removed from the bearings or book that I aloof cannot imagine. If you accept never advised yourself a agent or been to a chase before, I anticipate that Teri’s post altogether describes how so abounding feel appropriate now. Out of all the accessories and advice that has appear alternating in the aftermost day, I begin it to be the best able-bodied written, best raw, best abating and truest. It’s real. I affection it. Apprehend it.

2. You apperceive how I’m bedeviled with assistant broiled appurtenances and all things s’mores? This is a freaking s’more fabricated out of assistant bread. What. My name. Accounting on it.

3. On Saturday I fabricated a addle craven pizza as I so generally do, but I anticipate I let it sit on the pizza bark too long. Because it wouldn’t budge back I approved to accelerate it on to the pizza bean in the hothothot oven, so it fell on to the oven floor. The 450 amount floor. The absolute abode was abounding with smoke. However, I managed to save the pizza back aliment comes afore my own activity in this house.

4. Potato dent cupcakes accept been on my account to accomplish for some time now, so I aloof about absent it back I saw this alkali ‘n alkali dent topped amber cake. Appetite it. Charge it.

5. I’m freaking out over these toys from the 80s & 90s. I absolutely forgot about appearance plates. I’m array of ticked that capital carelessness didn’t accomplish the account because that was THE BEST BOLD EVER. In actuality I am actual tempted to abrade my parents basement because I’m abiding it’s still there. Wanna play?

6. I am way too invested in Nashville. It’s apparently acceptable there is not a new adventure on tomorrow. I charge a life.

7. Demography my burger attraction to a accomplished new level, I had a taco-rub burger with freaking tortilla chips on it over the weekend. You can bet that it’s actuality recreated immediately.

8. As your account bad influence, I feel that I charge allotment than until the 21st you can get 15% off aggregate at Sephora with the cipher CHIC. I anticipate you charge to absorb $25 to use the code, but man, that’s like about free. Go ahead. Activate the economy.

9. I accept been alarming through books lately. I’m talking like maybe three a week? Would you like to apperceive about them? I absolutely wouldn’t “review” them because I am a alarming critic, but I can at atomic acquaint you my thoughts. Alike admitting I’m absolutely banty lit for life, I’ve apprehend a few non-mind algid novels lately. Shocker.

10. This is not commonly article I’d go for, but these broiled breeze peas attending so abuse acceptable to me. Maybe I’m axis over a new leaf. Apparently not.

11. Afterwards a abrupt bang in the pants from abounding of you, I’ve ashore to afterlight my account card at the basal of the site. What are you accepting for banquet tonight? I get so bored. Wah.

12. Ambition bounce and summer clothes. Ugh. I charge to be put in Ambition jail.