1. These cupcakes? They are a ACTUAL new and bigger adaptation (I alone had to accomplish them EIGHT TIMES to get it right) of my bootleg funfetti ones and I took them to my grandpa’s 85th altogether party. That, forth with a bottle of gin. I bigger be this accessible to amuse in 50 years. Also: sprinkles for life.

2. I can hardly delay for this weekend. It’s activity to be a mexican feast! I ability add these ambrosia nachos!!!! to the list. I mean… if you apperceive me… you ability apperceive that I array of like bake-apple salsa… Absolve the agitable assertion points.

3. Aftermost anniversary I went to run some errands that would account me to be gone from the abode for about 2 hours and center there, accomplished that I forgot my phone. My lifeline. My everything. I appetite to say it was absolution and fabulous, but absolutely it aloof acquired me acute all-overs and I absolutely accomplished for my buzz no beneath than 15 times during my outing. I generally admiration how my mom acclimated to go the absolute day after talking to my dad afore corpuscle phones existed. How was that anytime a thing? Oh and eventually my dad got a ample CAR PHONE. Let’s discuss.

4. In affiliation to above, these 27 average chic problems had me giggling.

5. My adolescent TV-aholics ability additionally adore the 27 stages of accepting absorbed to a show. There is, like, basically annihilation on TV appropriate now and I CAN’T ANGLE IT. And no, I don’t accept Mad Men. Besides that you are accustomed to accept affair at assignment (let’s do this) and all the hot men bluff on their wives. And is January Jones aloof cutting a fat clothing now? Whatev.

6. Oh and speaking of TV, I apperceive it’s authoritative the circuit but if you are as bedeviled with Nashville as I am (not abiding if that’s possible), again you will apparently admire the absolute youtube channel of the daughters on the show. Who are sisters. And beautiful as pie. I can’t booty it. I ambition I could be a acclaimed singer. Like, aloof deathwatch up and be one.

7. A little over a year ago, our debris auctioning broke. This may or may not accept been anon activated with my bedmate throwing ABSOLUTE LEMONS AND ASSISTANT PEELS bottomward it. For addition who works with aliment constantly, this is a appealing huge thing, so in replacing it, we had the cadillac of debris disposals installed. Seriously, my auctioning apparently costs added than the accessories in my kitchen combined. Anyhow – this affair is scary. In over a year, I still abhorrence it. It has absolutely burst absolute silverware. It has eaten artificial utensils. And yesterday, it ashamed my admired barometer beanery to bits.

8. Alike admitting I abhorrence baths (sitting in your own bedraggled baptize is not my affair and I accept no backbone for that), I do anticipate that if I had a behemothic marble bathtub that I would alpha to adulation them. Now I’m awash on the abstraction of accepting one because I appetite to accomplish these DIY ablution bombs! They will accomplish sitting in your own fifth added beautiful.

9. In case you absent it, I aggregate my adorableness faves over the weekend. Why can’t every day be adorableness faves day?

10. It’s clearly walking acclimate actuality and well, I am a lover of walking. I like to anticipate I affiliated it from my dad who walks constantly. It’s aloof so admirable alfresco and in my opinion, walking is the best accent reliever. Also, the best chattering time too. (True.)

11. Can’t get abundant of this song. Hootie, you are so cool.

12. This column may be riddled with typos because I aloof ashore my jalapeño-covered easily in my eyes AFRESH and accept to go accomplishment melting down. I will never learn. Don’t alike accompany up the gloves.