With this weekend appearance the actionable alpha of summer (says me), maybe you’re attractive for some adorable balmy acclimate treats?

Maybe you’re still attractive for account to accomplish for your Canonizing Day barbecue that is in 8/24/48 hours? Maybe you’re a cool artist and accept stockpiled account back March? That would not be me. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, what-sounds-good-right-this-instant blazon of affair aliment person.

We accept to allocution burgers. Cheeseburgers with alacrity aioli are a must. Be untraditional and accomplish some sweet potato burgers or crab block sliders. Actually, aloof browse this absolute section of sandwiches and burgers and amuse accomplish me one. Or four.

You can accomplish this chicken in the crockpot and be crazily low maintenance. It includes beer. Blessed blessed joy joy.

Don’t balloon the hot dogs! Simple, acceptable hot dogs may be best for your get calm this weekend but affiance me you will debris up a dog afore September 2013. Pinky swear?

What is summer after baked beans? Nothing. That’s what it is. P.S. they are fabricated with bourbon.

I accept a dip dependency. Aftermost year I captivated this white pizza dip with aloof a few added humans. Like the absolute dip. Blueberry cheddar dip sounds awe-inspiring but has never been followed up with a complaint. ALOOF DO IT. Cheesy caramelized blah dip is a aliment group. And this recent beer cheese queso should be a given. No words needed.

If you’re a blah activist like I am, you ability adore some grilled blah cheddar quinoa. If quinoa makes your arch circuit you may as able-bodied aloof grill your corn again awning it in bacon butter. Yeah I said it. Bacon. Butter.

If you appetite to feel acceptable about yourself, or as I alarm it “project don’t feel like applesauce on holidays” (which, by the way, I’m currently absolutely declining at) again you should apparently accomplish this summertime chopped salad. But my one and alone vote goes to some roasted amazon caprese panzanella. I ate that at atomic already a anniversary aftermost summer. Back it’s a bloom the aliment doesn’t count. #truth

Thirsty and hot? Amuse accept a margarita. If tequila frightens you (as it should), this cantaloupe attic lassi is so fun.

I could never accept a admired summer dessert, but I achievement you’ll accomplish some ice chrism cupcakes or this gin and analeptic cake. Cool refreshing. So real.

What’s your summer amusement of choice? Are you picnicking this weekend? That’s a verb now, you know. Acquaint me! I like to share.