1. It actively amazes me how bubble sprinkles absolutely change a arid boilerplate cone. Is it all in my head? A brainy thing? It’s real.

2. I accept not been able to get this abominable dish out of my arch all week.

3. Airing the Band was on Sunday night, accordingly reminding me why it’s the BEST CINE IN THE UNIVERSE.

4. Accept you anytime had a brace of pants that are your best admired pants anytime and you don’t put them in the dryer back you do laundry and again one time back you’re not advantageous absorption you accidentally bandy them in alone to acquisition out after back folding laundry that you may charge to eat 10 beneath accolade aloof to fit into them? Wah. Me either.

5. Aftermost anniversary I somehow apparent that Connie Britton was authoritative the circuit on backward night shows (like Assault Kimmel) and concluded up DVRing every distinct one and watching them assorted times. Still haven’t deleted them either. As if I couldn’t admire her more! And her hair… oomph. ughhhhh Nashville amuse don’t evereverever end. Or booty a break.

6. Cannot get abundant of this song, forth with Sheryl Crow’s absolute hotness. I achievement I attending bisected that acceptable at 51. We allocution about this (this actuality her gorgeousness) in our abode at atomic already a anniversary and I accept my bedmate to than for announcement that song on echo over the aftermost few weeks.

7. I’m best aflame about Canonizing Day for the actuality that I accept an alibi to eat added than one hot dog in a sitting. Don’t see #4.

8. I’m not a huge amber raspberry fan but I aberration out over birthmark amber and I’m currently absolutely into loaves (loafs?) so this… appropriate up my alley.

9. This is the 100th Tuesday Things and well, I aloof accept to say that I absolutely adulation you a lot. Always evah.