1. I’m accepting a abhorrent frappuccino problem. It’s bad. And wonderful.

2. Additionally been bistro gummy bears for breakfast, cafeteria and dinner. I ambition I was exaggerating but I’ve gone through two containers back Saturday.

3. Bounce has added than sprung which agency I already accept the AC set to 67 in the house. My bedmate has to beddy-bye with a continued sleeved bodice on. I about-face on the fan and airing about in summer clothes. What is amiss with this picture?

4. Accept to allotment this adorableness by one of my admired bloggers ever. Can’t alike booty it.

5. Okay, if you haven’t watched aftermost week’s Nashville, stop reading. I, on the added duke accept watched it about six times back Wednesday. I am a behemothic dork. THE KISS. Oh em gee. I don’t anticipate there has been a kiss like that back Eric and Sookie in division 2 of Accurate Blood. Oompf.

6. Speaking of TV, if you bang yourself bottomward in advanced of it at night as generally as I do, amuse acquaint me you’ve apparent this commercial. I die every time.

7. THIS. It’s real.

8. I adulation how afterwards advertence Darius Rucker’s adaptation of Wagon Caster aftermost week, you guys COOL OUT ON ME. Including bodies in my absolute life. Oh my gosh, you apperceive how abject my aftertaste in music is – OF ADVANCE I knew about the aboriginal adaptation and assumption what? Of advance I like the new one better. Plus, it’s about absurd for me to accept to annihilation but country music these days. Abreast from James Taylor and the casual 98 Degrees throwback. I acquaint you all the time I’m a abhorrent critic. Did you anticipate I was joking? I like movies bigger than books and remakes bigger than originals. In fact, I’d apparently like it alike bigger if Mariah Carey sang it. Kidding. Array of. Definitely. Wait. I accept no abstraction anymore.

9. Afterwards account the 27 means you are not Carrie Bradshaw… I array of accept a cartilage to aces with #12. Appealing abiding best bodies would accede that I am the best affecting being in the world.

10. A agglomeration of bodies recommended this moisturizer on my adorableness faves posts and ANGELIC COW I am in love. It smells like fruity bonbon or article and ability be the best moisturizer I’ve anytime used. Plus… SPF 40! I wore this all day alfresco on Sunday while watching the chase in the aiguille sunlight hours. Clearly hooked.

11. I’m bistro this for banquet tonight but baking the heck out of it. Also: added cheese.