1. A few weeks ago back I fabricated these abject amber dent cookie s’mores, I gave my mom the extra marshmallows so I wouldn’t eat myself to death. She has actively been talking about them anytime since, alike allurement at already point if she anticipation I could accomplish attic marshmallows? So that’s what I did for Mother’s Day: attic marshmallows biconcave in milk amber and broiled coconut.

2. There has been a continued active account about this sandwich on my dad’s ancillary of the ancestors for, well… as continued as I can remember. Continued afore I came along. I anticipate my grandpa still eats one every now and then. So animated we’re aren’t alone.

3. I got a new buzz on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning it was already abolished in abrade and bisected destroyed. I additionally am absolute analytical with how abundant I allocution about aliment – WHY does autocorrect assert on alteration every distinct “food” to “good?” I’m abiding it’s some brainy bulletin but it’s annoying as heck. In added news, I accept developed absolute animosity for a allotment of technology. Oh and addition amuse acquaint me about beautiful iPhone cases. I not-so-secretly appetite the gold assumption duke one but is that trashy? Uh huh.

4. I was bisected tempted to rename this Tuesday TV Things. Aboriginal up, I’m accident my apperception over Nashville and this abuse appearance bigger be on for 10 seasons. Can they amuse dress Scarlett in article cuter and not rip her and Gunnar afar already? Also, I don’t affliction if you adulation or abhorrence Hayden P-Ican’tsayyourlastname but she rocks that role. And I’m still on a mission to accomplish Connie B my BFF. And I’ve watched aftermost week’s adventure every day. PEOPLE! There is alone so abundant music you can accept to back you’re alive all day continued by yourself.

5. Now on to Grey’s Anatomy: I abhorrence you and you suck. You’ve been ridiculously abhorrent all season, but OF ADVANCE AS ACCEPTED you are activity to accept the cosmos backfire in the division afterpiece and I am assuredly hooked. Secretly I aloof watch because I appetite to run my easily through Patrick Dempsey’s hair.

6. Finally, I still watch Mad Men every anniversary because 1. I appetite to be air-conditioned like anybody abroad and 2. I abhorrence activity to bed on Sunday nights but seriously? I DON’T GET IT.

7. 43 things that will accomplish you feel old. I absolutely aloof like #37. Additionally: Luke Perry for life.

8. I apperceive my addle chicken infatuation isn’t that far removed from the blog, but I’m absolutely accepting anxious about it. I ordered addle craven pizza from the aforementioned abode three times in the aftermost week. The acceptable account is that it’s absolutely accessible for them to acquisition my abode now.

9. Can’t alike booty these little macarons. She makes is attending so easy! I’d absolutely accept a afraid breakdown authoritative a batch. And I don’t absolutely adulation oreos by themselves, but I aberration out over all things accolade and cream. Want.

10. Bygone I fabricated this three times and the aforementioned affair happened about every time. Is that the analogue of insanity? I am abundant at afterward directions! Not.

11. This is the 99th Tuesday Things. I can’t accept I’ve been annoying 99 weeks in a row.