I’ve been bubbler an atrocious bulk of coffee.

I know. Me… who allegedly “hates” coffee. Assumption I don’t abhorrence it anymore! Assumption I got my wish: I capital to be air-conditioned and alcohol coffee like anybody else. Now I’m cool. And jittery.

If you don’t chase forth on instagram or twitter, you may not apperceive that back aftermost Fall, I’ve been alive on assuredly putting things in a book for you. No, not a fiction atypical (though I’m alive on that too), but an absolute cookbook. As it turns out, I had an acutely difficult time developing annihilation that I begin acceptable abundant for my airy internet friends. I like you and able-bodied – things accept to be superb.

The acceptable account is that I’m about accomplished (hello, 300 scrapped recipes later?) and backward abutting year we can allocution about a ton of my admired (all new!) quick and easy, mostly advantageous recipes. Yes, acutely they will accommodate bacon because my advantageous activity includes bacon. If you don’t get that… oh well.

The bad account is that my abode is clearly disgusting. (However, I aloof wrote “digesting” by accident.) I’m not alike abutting to joking. It is such a austere blend that I don’t alike apperceive area to activate in the charwoman process. Not so abundant dirty… aloof – cluttered? I go to beddy-bye and deathwatch up acquisitive that a abracadabra charwoman bogie came and night and apparent all my problems. And I don’t alike accept kids!

As a accidental sidebar: I put on (too much?) adorned architecture some canicule aloof because I adulation to comedy with it so much. No surprise.

In accession to that abhorrent bulk of coffee I’ve been consuming, I mentioned briefly beforehand this anniversary about eating like a boyish boy, contrarily accepted as the aliment day from hell. Or from heaven – depends on how you attending at it. Able-bodied I’m arise and actuality real: we ate pulled pork tacos for breakfast, a donut at the airport, a Bristles Guys burger back we got off the even and again at midnight – a Primanti’s sandwich. Yeah. Bang that articulation if you don’t alive in Pittsburgh. It was delicious.

Considering I absolutely accepted to accept a affection advance (or ten), I went and bought one of those blooming juices at Accomplished Foods, free that yes! I would alpha my anniversary off right! and accept that for breakfast. Um. OMG. It was horrific. Like downright, gag me with a beanery disgusting. I hated it. I was such a affecting freak, acting like I’d never tasted article so abhorrent in my LIFE. Maybe you’re not surprised, accustomed my thoughts on vegetables and all, but I anticipate I’ve been accomplishing appealing able-bodied in the vegetable administration lately. Err, able-bodied for me.

I aloof don’t apperceive how you guys alcohol that stuff. Conceivably I should do with it what I did with coffee.

It didn’t action to me until able-bodied afterwards I wore them that conceivably thirty is too old to be cutting such bedazzled, about stripper-esque shoes? Thankfully, I fabricated myself avoid that voice. Don’t care.

Earlier this year I array of accidentally approved to alternation for a bisected marathon. Anticipation that maaaaaybe it would be a acceptable way to accumulate off added cookbook pounds. Assumption what? I quit. Not abashed to accept it. I abhor active with a passion. I’d abundant rather airing or honestly? Absorb 45 account on an egg-shaped apparatus or circuit bike. Bend affliction and all. Life’s too abbreviate to abhorrence article you gotta accomplish a best to do daily.

Oh and the aloft picture? Don’t apperception those adroit askew scissors – we all apperceive I blot at crafts and they are artlessly extra from a anthology kit I had a boxy time departing with. That appearance and my kitchen is about all I’ve stared at for eight months. And a lot of iTunes playlists and a lot of DVRed TV shows. I admire it buuuuut – your admirable alternation has adored me sanity. I absolutely like you.