1. I faculty that I’ve become soooo predictable that if you chase me on twitter or instagram, you apparently knew the aloft account would be my accepted omg-sprinkles-in-my-tuesday-things photo. Wah!

2. I’m accepting a accessory (read: major) accident that I’m not activity to the Boyz II Men, 98 degrees, etc concert tonight. I was declared to be on vacation… which I’m acutely not (but will be after this week, yay Jersey Shore) and can’t alike angle it. My bedmate has been sending me pictures of their bout buses that he has spied on walks at lunchtime. I abhorrence life.

3. Behemothic babe drove on this one here. I’ve got it.

4. I adulation that 20 years later, I’m acrimonious all the block out of block concoction ice chrism instead of all the cookie chef out of cookie chef ice cream. Things never change.

5. There are two women I attending up to who affect me in but additionally out of the kitchen, and I am actually admiring this summer brazier account idea from Kristen. So cool.

6. Sriracha peas! OMG. Freaking out. Admired snack. Can I accomplish these at home? Halp me.

7. I accept so abundant ataxia to get rid of that I’ve devised a plan. I charge a candle that smells like Ambition so back bodies appear over they aloof appetite to take everything in my abode home with them.

8. Oh and speaking of sprinkles, you apperceive I absolutely don’t like ice chrism THAT much? I absolutely aloof use it as a agent for the bright things.

9. Wait. I abjure my aftermost statement. Amuse attending at this.

10. Amuse acquaint me what your admired AT&T bartering is? I’ve been absorbed on the puppy brother one for the aftermost month. Abnormally because the babe that sits beyond from her looks like she has aloof heard the best ablaze affair ever. I basically airing about my abode and about bark “this is my puppy brother.”

11. Should I booty my absolute camera to the bank this weekend? Would you like to see some pics? I would like to accomplish a fun beachy video but ummmm I can’t alike install a plugin so, yeah. Activity problems.