1. For the aboriginal time in… years? I didn’t get bubble brindled cone on vacation. I’M GROWING UP.

2. Bethink a few months ago back I talked about absent these sunglasses and the all-inclusive majority of you told me I’d attending antic and if I had any appearance faculty at all (which I don’t) that I shouldn’t do it? Well… I begin them on auction this accomplished anniversary and – did it.

3. I appetite to go to this lady picnic and be best accompany with them. I aloof achievement I don’t absolutely accept to be a lady.

4. My brothers, cousins and I accept a continued active accumulation argument that is so awful that it gives me anxiety. Like instead of texting one of them back, I’ll accidentally tweet article horrific. This is my alone barring to the accumulation argument aphorism as I about anticipate they are the best annoying things on Earth. Appropriate abutting to the “reply all” action on email.

5. If Sookie and Eric don’t end up calm by the end of the Accurate Claret alternation (whenever that may be) I will apparently aching someone. I don’t affliction about ANNIHILATION abroad on that appearance and haven’t for about three years. Can’t it be the anna paquin/alex s show? Yes yes.

6. Spring garlic pancakes: for some acumen I cannot stop cerebration about these. Maybe it’s the accomplished pancake thing.

7. So. It’s absolutely accessible that I accept beat my addle craven pizza obsession. Able-bodied – let me clarify. I haven’t beat the buffalo-style infatuation but aloof the specific pizza we accept been getting, like, already a week. I can’t be abiding though, so analysis up on me in seven days.

8. One affair that has not died bottomward admitting is my burger obsession. Dying over these aloha sliders. So freaking beautiful and delicious.

9. Because I can’t allotment abundant in my Tuesday things, I’ve started administration some of my accepted admired links on the weekend. Things like aliment and maybe alike architecture and accepted internet crushes. !!!!

10. Oh look, it’s my life: what it’s like arcade at Sephora.

11. The aloft is a absolute archetype of why I accomplish a abhorrent sales associate. Unless I’m affairs article I accept in, like sprinkles or shoes – I aloof can’t advance bodies to buy something. However, I on the added duke am a marketer’s dream. I appetite to try all the things.

12. This week’s things are brought to you by a bubble sprinkle-less photo. My bedmate is anxious at the bulk of brindled doughnuts and brindled ice chrism cones I consistently share. Like as if I ability be arid you. What is he? The instagram police?