1. I can’t accept this affair is in my yard. I didn’t alike bulb herbs this year because of how I dead aggregate aftermost year. This aloof popped up… afterwards burying it and after killing it aftermost June. FUN.

2. You apperceive how I’m in the average of a awe-inspiring bloom attraction appropriate now? Able-bodied – MY affectionate of salad. My analogue of them. Anyhoo… I ability administration my circadian salads on instagram. I use the appellation “salad” actual about here.

3. This gooey amber attic bucket cake? I die.

4. Speaking of, thoughts on instagram vids? UGH. I aloof feel like they are array of ruining instagram. I never admired Vine… I about ambition they were a abstracted app or you could booty them out of your augment or article but again I’d never use them and… WAH. beef beef whine. If I could accomplish videos like Todd Diane (diane’s insta vids are ridic), I’d be all over it.

5. Obviously, back I allocution about my freaking adulation for the Sopranos on this blog constantly, I was devastated at the accident of James Gandolfini. Abnormally because I act like Chic Acute is a absolute person. Like he’s absolutely out there. Walking around. Active his life. Didn’t get attempt in that diner. Assumption we don’t get a cine now. Tears. I accomplish it all about me.

6. I’m aloof gonna say it. I feel like Accurate Claret is completely… unbelievable now. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it’s not like it was believable afore with vampires, but it was at atomic a little more… normal? Now it’s aloof crazy. Anybody is article and there are awe-inspiring furnishings that about attending cheaply done. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been able to get into any array of supernatural/vampire junk. Ugh. Depressed.#firstworldprobs

7. Best cackle ever: if kids tweeted about shows like adults do. Can’t even.

8. The apparatus of charwoman wipes accept broke my activity and fabricated me alike added of an advantaged brat and amateur idiot back it comes to cleaning. Seriously, I accept Clorox wipes, Windex wipes, copse wipes for blanket and alike wipes for my face. What do you beggarly I charge to get out a brazier and mop the kitchen floor? Isn’t there a clean big abundant for that?

9. A clairvoyant beatific me this parody of Taylor Swift’s 22 aftermost anniversary and I anticipation my bedmate was activity to die, because you know, he has the creepiest drove anytime on her. I’m absolutely not a TS cynic but this is… appealing funny. If you are a 30-year old female, you charge watch it.