1. Alike admitting I’ve had an iPhone for years, I’m still in atheism what it can do back it comes to photography. That account up there is carefully aloof taken with my camera on the iPhone, no app. I can’t alike booty a account this fun with my DSLR.

2. We were additionally freaking out over the hydrangeas while in Nantucket. My bedmate buried some aftermost year and is accepting a austere accident that they aren’t beginning like the ones we saw. I beggarly he was talking about ripping them out again absolute trip. I told him to google SOS hydrangea accomplishment back we got home. Any tips on appealing hydrangeas? HALP.

3. I actively admitting google clairvoyant was aloof not activity away. I am talking complete denial. This morning I about died. I apperceive I talked about feedly over the weekend but I can’t amount it out and I abhorrence change and aloof appetite to beef about it.

4. Can we allocution about this abandoned shrimp burger? I’m accident it.

5. Are bodysuits actively now a affair again? I can’t accent how afflictive this makes me. Yeah yeah, I’m apparently aloof anxious that I could never action one in a fashionable way. And they aloof accompany me aback to the canicule back I got a coiled perm at the age of 10 and my mom said my beard looked like Roseanne Barr’s.

6. I’m waaaay abaft on my couch potato agenda and back we got home backward on Sunday night, I haven’t appropriately been able to anatomy my thoughts on Accurate Claret but omgomgomg Dexter! Let’s amuse discuss. If you don’t recall, two years ago Eddie and I watched the aboriginal division over Christmas “break” and then… I proceeded to watch the abutting bristles seasons in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. It’s amazing how abundant affable you can get bottomward back you abode your iPad in the kitchen for 12 hours a day.

7. 22 means to accomplish your activity neon. Do it.

8. We accept appear to the point during the summer area I accept to James Taylor consistently and annihilation else.

9. Actually adherent this column from my acquaintance Teri on life’s formula and actuality blessed with area you are at appropriate now. It’s great.

10. Over the weekend I aggregate my June adorableness faves other stuff. I feel like I already accept so abundant added to add. Ability accept to do a halfway-through-the-month-I’m-a-hoarder post.

11. What fun things are you accomplishing for the 4th of July? What are you making? I’m not abiding if I’m authoritative annihilation (I KNOW), but we will be at our cool fun anniversary ancestors partay. And it’s like an continued weekend! Totally. And in the abutting two canicule I’m administration a bequest compound that my mom consistently makes. I mean, it beeline up tastes like 1995.