1. I am on a huge breakfast-for-dinner kick. I mean, HUGE. I’m alike converting my bedmate a bit. Focus on the “little bit” part.

2. Can’t alike booty this croissant loaf. Accept actively been dying for it. Dying.

3. Speaking of Eddie, on Saturday he was acid the grass and ran over a chicken jacket’s backup in the yard. Oh hi affliction nightmare. He was stung a billion times (or like 15), I wasn’t home and am now abashed to go alfresco in our yard. Of course, I accomplish aggregate all about me.

4. Absolutely in adulation with this: the 50 best drinks in Pittsburgh.

5.  19 signs you’re too old for this crap. I am SO ON LATH with the exceptions of #3 and #11. Cupcakes (with sprinkles) forever.

6. Dexter. What the heck. I am so abrupt but don’t appetite it to end.

7. Okay, I affirm I won’t allocution about it abundant back I can’t stop talking about it, but we had a agrarian Friday night… me in the active allowance watching six hours of the West Addition and him admiral in bed watching six hours of Breaking Bad. Too bad I appetite to do that like every distinct day. Um, article else? I can’t get over the freaking cameos in the West Wing. Well, I assumption they aren’t technically cameos back for a lot of people, it was one of their aboriginal roles – but but but! Connie Britton was in an adventure I watched aftermost night! Um, we apperceive how I feel about her. Abstruse BFF.

8. These new neon sharpies accept fabricated my absolute week. I adulation academy food like no other.

9. Did gmail get all new on anyone abroad over the weekend? I array of abhorrence it but can’t amount out how to change it but additionally array of like it but now I don’t see bisected of my emails unless I bang to those added boxes. haaalp me.

10. I’m all about the aristocratic babyish and am in adulation with Kate Middleton… and alike authority a bake for William back back I was growing up all I heard about was how my mom was abundant at the aforementioned time as Diana and omg, you could be a princess! (yeah okay), but this is sorta hilarious: 25 things added agitative that the aristocratic baby. All in acceptable fun, friends.

11. I adulation you guys. For the aftermost four years you accept alerted me endless times back article in the cosmos had to do with neon, 90s references, James Taylor and bacon, but I don’t anticipate I’ve anytime heard as abundant from you back I did aftermost anniversary afterwards Jesse and the Rippers were on Assault Fallon. Yes. Jesse and the Rippers. My absolute activity was alarming up. I die.

12. We bought some blush lemonade from a little angle in our adjacency on Sunday and it reminded me of aback I acclimated to do lemonade stands with my accompany aback in the day. From the aboriginal age of… apparently ten, I consistently said I never capital to do article that appropriate me to sit abaft a desk, and aback I see these stands I aloof appetite to go up to these kids and scream “keep going! accumulate actuality all ambitious and stuff!” Would that be scary?

13. In advertence to #12, I am alive on my fiction atypical and absolutely obsessed. I am activity to acquaint you added soon. Like I absolutely got out of bed at one in the morning on Sunday night to address a column about it. Yes, I am scary.