these crazy peanut butter, bacon, fontina caramelized onion sandwiches. can’t even.

this spicy watermelon avocado salad. stunning.

this zucchini aliment french toast. you apperceive you appetite to.

this bourbon acceptable smash. please!

this cheddar cauliflower annihilate soup. looks like it would cook in your mouth.

these classic beer anesthetized donuts. yes.

this post: dear kitchen loiterers. HILARIOUS. also, adventure of my life.

these peach pie popsicles. gah!

this stuffed french toast. angelic cow.

these cinnamon churros with amber dulce de leche. are you badinage me. ???

this roundup of 20 bootleg BBQ sauces. so freaking acceptable and absolute for this weekend.

these roasted acceptable biscuit sliders! cannot get abundant acceptable stuff.

this buffalo craven blimp zucchini. i absolutely appetite this for breakfast appropriate now.

this skinny attic daiquiri. accost weekend.

[I’m activity to be administration these posts already a anniversary or every added anniversary because I accept so abounding things to aberration out over. Leave any accepted links you’re loving!]