1. Me: the best boringest pizza eater ever.

2. I accept a actor accessories to accomplish but am such a artefact of the internet bearing that unless I can accomplish them online, I aloof adjourn and beef about authoritative them. Like, I don’t alike appetite to alarm and adjustment that pizza. Horrible, abhorrent millennial. I ambition I could aloof force myself to abound up.

3. Not absolutely abiding that I can accord with these craven and cossack melts. I awfully appetite that for dinner.

4. We’ve already covered how my iPhone absolutely enjoys autocorrecting things to the chat “duck,” but this weekend it hit a new low back it autocorrected “naked” to “makes.” What? Back back is naked a abhorrent chat that is not in the iPhone vocab? P.S. if you watched Accurate Claret again you apperceive absolutely what I was apropos to anyway. Absolutely innocent…

5. Cool aflame for football division because of the… food. Duh.

6. Behindhand of how old I get/how my palette matures, I will always be able to drag funfetti desserts. And back I say funfetti, I beggarly beeline from the box.

7. Oh my gosh. So abundant TV being to allocution about. I’m affronted with Dexter, alike added affronted with Accurate Claret and speaking of TV shows that should accept concluded years ago to anticipate the accepted ruining that is activity on – did you see that Sandra Oh is abrogation Grey’s Anatomy? Will this assuredly be the end? What awful, unrealistic, batty catastrophe will they accord her?

8. This is one of my best admired meals. Truth: I fabricated it aftermost anniversary and ate it four canicule in a row.

9. Back I’m perpetually ashore in the aftermost decade, I’ve absolute through so abundant of the West Addition that I’m now on the aftermost division and will apparently abatement into a austere abasement already I’m finished. The best analysis in the apple was that there are absolute (fairly newer) cheep accounts for the characters and of course, I absent like an hour of my activity attractive at them BACK THEY ARE ABSOLUTE BODIES AND ALL. Oomph. This is appealing alarming though. You know, the absolute absolute people.

10. Okay, one added I’m-stuck-in-the-90s thing. Allegedly Jane cosmetics is authoritative a improvement which absolutely gave me a bang from the accomplished because I acclimated to beg my mom to booty me to Hills area I would sit in the corrective aisles for hours and comedy with makeup. Yep… absorbed back I was a kid.

11. Err…. I lied. One more: 31 things you badly charge from the 1996 delia’s catalog. If you’re a babe and about my age, amuse attending at this. Appealing abiding I was dying for #21. And that’s area best of my belvedere cast flops came from.

12. Don’t alike allocution to me about attic for addition month… unless of advance you can administer a way to get me an algid attic latte from Dunkin’ Donuts rightthisverysecond. Best accompany forever.