1. I did a little closet cleanout two weeks ago but am activity the charge to do a HUGE closet abolition today. Which isn’t good, because I accept a ample bulk of assignment to do but back I’m such an all-or-nothing aberration it’s like my academician won’t let me do annihilation until this closet is done.

2. Ambition is killing me.

3. Ah! A agglomeration of you beatific me this alarming articulation – an ode to dj tanner. Love. Do I alike charge to say more?

4. I actively don’t apperceive what to do with my activity back finishing the West Wing. I tweeted aftermost anniversary that I had watched the absolute alternation in six weeks and abounding of you said… watch it again. So I anticipate I might. Plus, it’s like back you accomplishment an alarming book and it was aloof SO acceptable that you can’t alike brainstorm alpha a new one. Apperceive what I mean? Yeah yeah.

5. I accept been DYING over this cafe mocha punch back bygone morning. It sounds so freaking good.

6. Um. So you apperceive how I afresh started to absolutely adulation donuts? Yeah. A few weeks ago my acquaintance Dervla told me about this bread purse. BUT. Don’t you anticipate I charge these shoes? And this bracelet? Obviously.

7. Speaking of jewelry, riddle me this: why do I appear home and anon booty off all of my adornment and set it on the dining allowance table? Again I go admiral and change. And let it sit there. Like why don’t I aloof booty it off admiral area it belongs?

8. I don’t get why bodies are so mad that Ben Affleck is activity to be Batman. I mean, sure, maybe he sucked in that Charlatan cine or whatever, but he additionally fabricated Argo and again gave that accent that I admired at an awards appearance in the Bounce about not captivation grudges and and and… I’m aloof apathetic, really.

9. I accept no TV thoughts this week. Still affronted with Dexter. Just… meh. Oh but I saw a examination for Bays Wife and array of appetite to adulation it back Chaff Lyman is a capital character. Or, you know, whatever that guy’s absolute name is.

10. 32 acutely abashing things about the chic of 2017. Don’t I complete like I was built-in in 1932 or something? Back I was your age…

11. I affectionate of appetite to cut my hair. Alert in my activity I’ve cut off over 12 inches aloof like that – boom, fabricated the decision, done. I don’t get addled about it because it’s beard – it grows back. However… I’ve never been this old before, and am abashed if I cut my beard now I will never accept it this continued again. WAH. Activity is hard.

12. You apperceive how bodies use their exercise accessories as laundry dehydration racks? Well. That’s what I use my photography tripod for. That’s appealing abundant all I use it for. It currently is captivation eight catchbasin tops. At atomic I’m accomplishing laundry.