1. I absolutely accept that sprinkles accomplish aliment aftertaste better. I am not kidding. I absolutely ACCEPT that. Because they do. Duh.

2. Why is this cake not in my kitchen appropriate now, huh huh huh??? I’m accepting cake issues lately.

3. Oh and this is activity to be my cafeteria today. I accept figs AND prosciutto! Winning.

4. I’m not accepting complex with arresting attic things yet… but I absurd and lit some abatement candles. I appetite to say it’s my admired season, because it is, but how annoying is it that anybody in the apple is like omgit’smyfavoriteseasonyayfall and it’s technically still summer? It’s absolutely MY season though.

5. Why can’t I aloof be an developed and accumulate my car clean? Afterwards charwoman it aftermost weekend, I got in it this accomplished Saturday and it looked like a bomb had gone off. The affliction allotment is that it’s not like my job requires me to drive everyday, so I’m not consistently in the car. Accord me your tips for apple-pie cars. Like maybe a abracadabra car bogie will appear appointment every night.

6. The aloft is aloof a clue on how I’ve been aggravating to declutter my activity and it feels amazing. Alike admitting my bedmate says I overuse the chat “amazing.” He’s no fun.

7. I should acknowledgment admitting that the absolute admeasurement of my abatement charwoman has been to apple-pie out and about-face purses. You know, priorities.

8. Can’t alike handle this pic of my admired face baby. I aloof appetite to bundle the applesauce out of him.

9. No TV allocution this week. Except that I’m freaking out over Boardwalk advancing aback and I ability aloof watch the Citizenry bivouac every distinct day. And yes, of advance I’m dying over the acknowledgment of Nashville. In the meantime, I get a ton of being done in the evenings back I’m not alert to my DVR.

10. I’m perturbed. All I see everywhere is camo, camo, camo – camo jackets and pants and tanks and scarves and… gah. Aloof aftermost year I got rid of my highschool Abercrombie camo brim (I alike wrote about the abject acquaintance here) and now I’m like whyyyyy. I beggarly I’m abiding a burden camo brim that was max 6 inches continued would be adapted for a 30 year old to wear.

11. I don’t absolutely apperceive how to accept fun (no, seriously, I’m a ascendancy freak/oldest child/worry wart/loser – see #9) so this account of 25 things that get harder afterwards 25 was fabricated for me. Except some of those things were me at, like, age 19. I’d appealing abundant rather break in and adhere out than go out to a bar… ever.

12. Appealing abiding I say it every year, but I’m absolutely abashed of the new abhorrence cine commercials that are on now that we are advancing Halloween. Like I can apparently watch the cine and be fine, but the commercials are awful. They accord me nightmares and account me to clutter for the alien and WHY are they on nickelodeon (i.e. back I’m watching friends) in the evening? I’m a child.

13. Whatcha reading? I apperceive I ask you every season… but I acquisition it arduous to acquisition books to apprehend in the fall. Because I don’t appetite to apprehend about summer. How awe-inspiring am I? I’m currently account this.