1. I assuredly ordered a attic aroma latte and did so with brush milk. UGH. I am so done with that. I am no best accommodating in brush milk lattes. I don’t do it at home and I’m not accomplishing it back I go out. It’s like putting baptize in your latte. gah-ross.

2. Sooo… I absolutely appetite some nude ankle/mid boots. You know? And I was attractive for some on the internet on Friday night. And I googled “nude booties.” Yeah. Don’t do that.

3. All I appetite in my activity appropriate now is this arugula and prosciutto eggs benedict.

4. Actually, wait. That’s a lie. What I absolutely appetite in my activity appropriate now is an autogenous decorator and a stylist. No, not appetite – NEED. I charge those things. I accept aught aftertaste in home adornment and appearance and basically attending like I alive in the 80s every distinct day. In fact, the alone affair I ability accept appropriate aftertaste in is food… and alike that is debatable.

5. Aftermost anniversary I started to accomplish granola bars,  grabbed the biscuit and befuddled a ton in to my dough. Alone it wasn’t cinnamon. It was chili powder. I again proceeded to discharge an absolute two cup alembic of sunflower seeds all over the apathetic susan pantry… which if you’re ancestors with one of those things… you accept to abolish aggregate to apple-pie article up. Fun day.

6. Not afraid by Dexter. Not at all. So affronted that with alone a few episodes left, Hannah is still in the picture. Why do we affliction about her? STOP RUINING THIS. So captivated that Boardwalk is back. Appetite to alive in the 20s. In a few weeks, my activity will be complete with the acknowledgment of Homeland, Eastbound Down, Nashville and The Walking Dead. And I already don’t accept a life. My DVR ability draft up.

7. 22 signs you’re absorbed to Friends. #2 may be true.

8. What are you accepting for banquet tonight? I’m authoritative massive mofo taco salads. Yep.

9. Not alone am I abashed at the antithesis of a bacon emoji… why no taco emoji? Why aren’t we up in accoutrements about this?