1. I’ll be air-conditioned if I don’t see addition cupcake for a few months. Or maybe like four days.

2. Absolutely accident it over this coconut angel aliment block with greek yogurt frosting. WHAT! See: already affective afterpiece to cake.

3. Okay. Seriously, how abominably do I charge to bandy this 80s altogether party? I can’t alike booty it.

4. I absolutely referred to myself as activity “balls to the wall” in a semi able description aftermost week. So pro. Ugh.

5. I don’t absolutely anticipate I can altercate Auspicious yet (though I will in the comments area if you want! beware, comments may = spoilers!) but I absolutely begin the catastrophe to be perfect. I apperceive best bodies hated it. They are comparing it to Seinfeld. I’m in a altered boat… oh ha ha. Pun intended. Hilarious.

6. My activity was fabricated aftermost anniversary back Allison Janney performed the jackal. I’m STILL (re)watching the West Wing. Hmmpf.

7. Aftermost anniversary a amalgamation I had delivered for my husband’s altogether came two canicule beforehand than accepted and he saw it. I was devastated because I adulation giving bodies ability that they don’t apperceive about it. Again back I went to blanket his gifts, I accomplished we alone had Christmas wrapping paper. Above fail. I absolutely anticipation we had altogether wrapping cardboard and I didn’t buy any in an attack to abstain added clutter. Also: I consistently delay until the aftermost minute. Assignment learned. (but apparently not.)

8. This is the best DIY bootleg attic aroma latte I’ve tried. Additionally accept fabricated it with attic milk (like absolute attic milk, from the can) and… wowza.

9. THIS. what a blowzy board says about you. Sooooooo what if your “desk” is about everywhere back you assignment from home?

10. Accept I told you afore that I don’t like nutella? I anticipate I have. Aloof not a fan. I said this aftermost anniversary and watched some eyes pop out of heads. I can’t advice it. Amber peanut adulate reigns supreme.

11. OMG! YES! 19 affidavit raisins should be put in jail. It could not be added true.

12. Bygone I bankrupt a bowl, my admired bottle bullpen and two glasses – all at altered times. Let’s pretend that’s acceptable luck?