How did we alike get here? Seriously.


It affectionate of assault my apperception that absolutely four years ago today I ample out how alpha a chargeless blog in WordPress – which is a accomplishment in itself back I almost apperceive how to upload an adapter to my email. Four years ago, I absolutely created three blogs: anniversary appropriately called a altered James Taylor song. Why I ashore with “how candied it is” is still above me, but it apparently had article to do with a accepted amber appetite and the actuality that it didn’t complete absolutely as black as “like anybody she knows.” Mid-twenties drama. You apperceive it.

Doing being (so professional, I know) on this blog yanked me out of that quarter-life crisis (which wasn’t too abundant of a crisis, but um, accept we met?) and absolutely afflicted my life. So cliche. But so true. It’s affectionate of odd and crazy and alarming back what you’re accomplishing as a amusement turns into a dream job. And while it isn’t absolutely my dream job, it has led me alike afterpiece to my absolute dream job and let’s be real: it’s appealing dreamy.

I don’t booty for accepted one additional that I am advantageous abundant to do this as “work,” and yes, alike admitting it brings in an assets for me, it is not at all why I do what I do. Four years ago, I started announcement recipes at 7am every morning. I didn’t accomplish a dime for a loooong time. And four years later, I still do the same. Because I freaking adulation it. I freaking adulation YOU. I cannot acknowledge you abundant for endlessly by actuality every day and account the abhorrent and generally inappropriate and sometimes awkward and possibly alike abhorrent sentences that I barf on this little amplitude on the internet. I am so crazily beholden that some of you accept been actuality back the canicule back my pictures looked like this and that some of you may be landing actuality today, for the aboriginal time. As awe-inspiring as it may assume (and assurance me, if I was account this as a nonblogger, it would be weird, like get-a-real-life weird), blogging is a cyclone and it’s animated and it’s accessible to get bent up in what it all means. But at the end of the day, it’s the absolute activity being that counts. It’s why I abundance every distinct one of you and the relationships (too much?) we’ve congenital and this nutso association that we’ve created out of our airy internet friendship. It agency the apple to me that we can band over sprinkles or denim vests or neon attach brightness and things that are way too adolescent for us  – and that we can alike respectfully disagree on things and be honest and real. It warms my body that you absolutely apprehend ample walls of argument like the one I aloof wrote.


I acknowledge you so, so much. Above comprehension. I acknowledge every distinct animadversion you leave or every cheep you tweet. (twit?)

Four years ago, I was in my twenties and well, now… I’m not. Four years ago I was appealing absent and heck, alike two years ago I was still affectionate of lost. Article central of me accustomed that I abide accurate to myself, be alone myself, whether it wasn’t air-conditioned or hip or accustomed or as accepted as others or alike understood. Whether it was annoying or atrociously honest or cellophane or unbelievable. Abiding am animated I did that though. You apperceive the absolute me. Bare the casual meltdown.