1. My bedmate and I are on a huge grape kick. Like the bake-apple – no, not the flavor. I was consistently the kid that ate about every grape popsicle and larboard a accumulation of amethyst ice in the freezer. But he’s got me absorbed on these grapes. I mean, yeah, I adulation bake-apple but I’ve never been this biased over grapes. I don’t adulation them in the freezer because aliment at acute temperatures isn’t my thing. But appropriate out of the fridge? Ugh, we are alarming through accoutrements of grapes.

2. This cake. It charge be in my life. The alone being who may adulation sprinkles added than me. WHOA.

3. Uh, amuse acquaint me that you’ve apparent the Girl’s SNL promo. It ability be the best affair I watched all month. Actively nailed it.

4. The aftermost few months I’ve been aggravating to assignment my way out of my conditioning clothes rut – I alive in them, because, well… I formed at a gym always and now I assignment from home. Tips, tricks, books, help? PLEASE!

5. Speaking of shopping, bethink years ago back outlets absolutely agitated the antecedent years’ pieces and you could consistently calculation on accepting article awesome? And now… it’s aloof the “factory” band instead of the alarming things you capital but absent out on? Why?

6. Today, one of my abutting friend’s book is advancing out! You’ve apparently apparent me allocution about Ashley’s doughnuts for years – she aboriginal brought me a accumulation when she visited in 2011? Her doughnuts are gluten chargeless (with abounding vegan recipes!) and I ADULATION THEM. Absolutely – they are what started my accomplished doughnut obsession, because afore that I didn’t affliction for them. Her versions are broiled and they are cool easy. I accomplish them for dessert, for parties, for anybody – and they fly off the plate.

7. You apperceive the giant elastic ducky I’ve been complaining on and on about? Here’s a bigger attending at it. Yes, this absolutely happened.

8. This. signs you’re an old being in a adolescent person’s body. This has been me since, like, the age of ten. In thirty added years I’m absolutely screwed.

9. I’m in the bosom of actually absorbing over abatement and am aggravating to adore every second. One of our admired things to do is booty a continued drive on the weekend and see all of the appealing leaves and copse and colors and… and… amuse see #8.