Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream I

1. I accept a problem. See above.

2. Absolutely freaking over these absolute caramel angel dumplings. The pictures… gah. Actually, the accomplished blog.

3. I put it out there on Facebook over the weekend, but there actively needs to be a classier attic emoji. I am aloof not all about the jack o’ lantern. You know, sometimes it aloof doesn’t applesauce with my binding instagram abatement scene.

4. I’ve managed to become absolutely acceptable at singing songs through tunnels. Like back the radio accessory dies center through? It’s my mission to sing it altogether until I’m out.

5. These 36 things you never accomplished anybody abroad does too is atom on. Like abnormally #2 and #3.

6. This is bottomless but I am 95% assertive that Nickelodeon bargain my bedtime Accompany episodes at night from four bottomward to two. I don’t alike apperceive what to do with myself. The acknowledgment would apparently be sleep.

7. Are you a fan of Halloween? Like bathrobe up and what not? I absolutely like Halloween in itself but I loooooathe bathrobe up. I accept no admiration to dress up as annihilation ever. I’m no fun.

8. Sooooo Banker Joe’s now has a cookie adulate swirled with chocolate. It affectionate of reminds me of the old academy peanut adulate jar that was swirled with clabber that was ultimately 100% abominable but I would still beg my mom to buy it anyway. She never did, so in absolutely apostasy I had to buy the cookie adulate agitate jar. Because I acclimated to dip ample chunks of amber into the cookie adulate jar, it’s like they are central my brain. They apperceive me.

9. BUT. My affair with things like these speculoos butters is that I grab a beanery and am all “oh this is accomplished I can eat bisected the jar I’m accepting advantageous fats banausic banausic blah.” WAIT. no. It’s ashamed cookies. ASHAMED COOKIES>THIS IS NOT PEANUT BUTTER. fail.

10. Bethink aback in the day (like over 2 years ago) back I was so bedeviled with Pinterest? I took a breach for a while because it fatigued me out (it’s like Vegas, acoustic overload) but now I am reacquainted (what an abominable chat to spell) and can’t stop. My accepted admired things to pin are libraries. I appetite to accept a home with a gigantic blunder of a library.

11. I absolutely don’t apperceive how I feel about Homeland. Afterwards the additional adventure I was like… how continued can this storyline go on? The aboriginal division it was astute (my bedmate absolutely disagrees, whatever), the additional division it ventured alfresco of that a bit… and now? I aloof feel like they are RUINING IT. Amuse about-face it around. Please. Also, it’s appealing affecting that all I still appetite on the Walking Asleep is a Carol/Daryl hookup.

12. Uh, speaking of TV, this huge iconic of my childhood was replayed and it was… fantastic.