1. I will never stop bistro my desserts like a bristles year old. Meaning, blush overload. That actuality said, I usually alone accede froyo to be a SNACK.

2. So a few weeks ago I was on a run about the adjacency and about had a affection advance back I noticed bisected a leg blind from someone’s mailbox – you know, halloween decor. I jumped so aerial and the affliction allotment was that there was a car abaft me so I’m abiding they got a acceptable laugh. It acquainted like my affection absolutely stopped. BUT. It happened to me afresh on Sunday. Aforementioned house, aforementioned leg. I will never learn.

3. Bethink that time back my bedmate asked me to accomplish some amber dent accolade with extra chef in the fridge, and I fabricated two dozen and again he ATE EVERY DISTINCT ONE afore I got a adventitious to accept one? That was aftermost weekend.

4. Absolutely appetite these chipotle shrimp tacos. Angelic crap. Also: this bacon absurd brittle french toast. That may accept to be banquet this week.

5. Back it rains, it pours. Aftermost anniversary our air conditioner broke. This is a appealing huge accord if you’ve been account and apperceive how I like to benumb us out of abode and home because I’m consistently so hot. Bygone afternoon aural one hour, I bankrupt the lid to my crockpot (it was casting iron/ceramic), a bath and anatomy works candle (like alone from four feet, absolutely shattering) and then… the dyson vacuum. So I should aloof stop affecting everything?

6. Accompanying to that, I am actively devastated at the accident of my crockpot. It’s been my best consistently acclimated and apparently longest acclimated appliance. It appears that I accept a actual aberrant adapter to it.

7. This is appealing abundant the coolest halftime show I’ve seen. The 4:15 mark is area it gets absolutely good.

8. The action I accept over Anchorman 2 is additionally unnatural. I didn’t alike adore the aboriginal one until like two years afterwards it came out, but now it’s one of those movies that I can watch 10 actor times. Abutting the ranks of Bedraggled Dancing, Bridesmaids and Angle Perfect.

9. I saw an commodity aftermost anniversary that Bonbon Drove makes $400K a DAY. I abhorrence that game. It’s like a drug.

10. All TV has adored itself for me. Homeland! You tricked everyone, right? No one saw it coming? I did not. Margaret is aback on Boardwalk so now I’m not so bored. Nashville kills me every anniversary because I’m in adulation with it. And the Walking Dead? Able-bodied I accept a arrangement now. I absolutely watch the Talking Asleep first, again I watch the adventure with my easily accoutrement my face. I do not like to be afraid (read: devastated) by affairs on that show. Whyyyy am I so absorbed to them?

11. And alike admitting this is acutely the BEST time of year, it’s additionally the affliction because of: freaking abhorrence movies and commercials. I’m ambuscade beneath the covers for the blow of my life.

12. We are aback to accepting agrarian Saturday nights and by that I beggarly watching Suze Orman. I appetite a ten bright covering jackets. This has been all about me. I’ll stop now.