autumn I

1. Is there a abode area it is always fall? There should be and I should alive there.

2. My apple aloof exploded: whole aureate CROISSANTS. From the alone being I would assurance with accomplished aureate croissants. Such a win.

3. This morning I angry on the TV to watch GMA (my favorite) while authoritative breakfast and Beaches happened to be on the aftermost base I was watching. So I basically ate a breakfast of tears.

4. I fabricated a box of brownies at my parents’ abode aftermost Friday and seriously, they were some of the best brownies I accept anytime had. Why you gotta be so good, boxes?

5. Back I’m in a Halloween bonbon coma, does anyone abroad bethink like 20 years ago back Twix had added flavors, such as amber excellent and accolade and cream? That was the life.

6. Speaking of Halloween, I’m cool aflame because hopefully by this time abutting week, Assault Kimmel will accept his anniversary video area the parents acquaint their kids that they ate all of their candy. So funnay.

7. Are you guys admirers of apparitional houses? They alarm the applesauce out of me. Haven’t been to one in years but if I go, I charge to be in the average of a ample accumulation of people. This video of one of Ellen’s writers and producers activity through a apparitional abode is SO me. It’s hilarious.

8. TV schtuff. SO Homeland, you’re accepting so good. My affection was in pieces for Saul, it was pumping for Quinn (omg) and can we allocution about Dana? Allegedly there is all this abhorrence for Dana and she absolutely doesn’t bother me that much. I beggarly I anticipate her mannerisms are amusing and the SNL absurdity was to die for aftermost year, but otherwise, I don’t apperception her. I anticipate the extra is gor.geous. Admitting I do accept to say that one of her scenes on Sunday ability accept exhausted out James Van der Beek for the ugliest cry ever. Also, I aloof gotta say that I am ADMIRING Avery on Nashville now, adulation his allure with Juliette – so animated they kept him around. I absolutely cried at the end aftermost anniversary with my BBF Connie Britton singing. WHY DOES THIS APPEARANCE DO THIS TO ME.

9. This account dead me: the 50 best 90s things to anytime happen. And if you appetite a acceptable giggle: 32 bodies who are accepting a worse day that you. I laughed at some of those like I do with autocorrects.

10. Bristles years after and we still altercate over who endless the dishwasher the best way. I allegedly do it wrong. But assumption what! So does he.