tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. It’s snowing! Like a lot. Conceivably the apple is answering my appeal to snow from now until January 1st and then… stop.

2. In accurate aftermost minute form, I’m appealing abiding I charge accomplish this candied potato block with acquiescent frosting. You apperceive me and marshmallows.

3. I accept a new problem. A starbucks peppermint credibility block pop problem. Okay, I don’t alike absolutely affliction for block pops. But I appetite one of these every day. And accept again, I’ve alone had one. But it’s a struggle. I appetite to go through the drive thru every distinct afternoon and buy one. Apathy at it’s finest.

4. On Friday, this happened.

5. Oh and it’s that time of year afresh area I ambition addition would do elf on the shelf for me. I’m a child.

6. For the third year in a row I charge to accommodate a point about Ryan Gosling still not actuality called People’s sexiest man. Don’t get me wrong, I adulation Adam Levine, but… when, Ryan, when?

7. TV. Let’s go through my list. I actual abundant enjoyed the Boardwalk afterpiece EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING. If you apperceive who my admired appearance is on Boardwalk, again you apperceive what I’m talking about. This took the block with the afterpiece from absolutely two years. Just… no. Also, I charge added Margaret. I’ve managed to watch the Walking Asleep after accepting a affection advance but that’s alone because I don’t affliction about the aftermost two episodes. If they annihilate off addition I love, I will lose it. You know, back it’s absolute activity and all. My thoughts on Citizenry are accepting better, I anticipate because I let go of any accuracy surrounding the show. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but I’m adequate it now. Saul is still my spirit animal. I was about physically ill over what was accident to Brody. Now can we amuse accept a new storyline, which maybe accidentally on purpose includes Quinn actuality on awning for the abounding 45 minutes? Also, I still adulation Nashville. Always. Absolute accusable pleasure.

8. Gah! Speaking of TV I accumulate apathy to allocution about Killing Kennedy. Did you guys end up watching it? My crushes on Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin added tenfold.

9. In the spirit of austere approbation thankfulness, I accept to allotment these two things. The first can’t stop bringing me to tears, and the second… able-bodied that admonition is atom on.

10. It’s that time of year afresh to alpha cerebration about planners! This accomplished year I’ve been application the erin condren artist but in my “research” I’ve begin this and array of adulation it. Thoughts? #omgschoolsupplies

11. In affiliation to #omgschoolsupplies, I was in Staples beforehand this anniversary back the song “Barbie Girl” came on. What? I’m so abashed in life.