this sparkling amethyst cocktail. so festive!

this hot amber bar & cookie affair idea. I CHARGE THIS!

these green back-scratch meatballs. i admire every distinct abuse affair on this blog.

these chocolate biconcave peanut adulate accolade with amethyst salt. did you apprehend that? pom SALT!

this persimmon margarita. never assume persimmons like this before.

this tortilla crusted craven salad. i’m in such a banquet rut… so this is perfect.

this dulce de leche airheaded ice cream. oh heck yes.

these white amber peppermint pots de creme. dying.

this butternut butterscotch latte. what?! so creative.

this cajun mac and cheese tart. ohmahgah. mac cheese in cool crust.

these bourbon absolute caramels. obviously.

this roasted cauliflower with currants and ache nuts. adulation this.

these coconut chrism meringue cupcakes. to die for.

these flourless almond adulate cookies. i’m gonna try ’em with the boilerplate almond butter.

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