this eggnog ice cream. can absolutely get abaft this.

these perfect-every-time cut out cookies. application this recipe, for sure.

this toasted attic and coffee absolute amber bark. i’m dead.

these pistachio amber dent cookies. me and pistachios are LIKETHIS.

these highly addictive affair cigars. i mean, the name alone.

this crunchy peppermint bark. adulation this so abundant added than the regular.

this double amber block with attic pecan filling. this actively is divine.

this story on christmas miracles. adulation it.

these rye billow amoroso cookies. so cute.

this one basin applique cake. sounds perfect.

this sweet potato creme brûlée. yes yes yes.

these spaghetti annihilate and atramentous bean tacos. so creative!

this double amber sea alkali biscotti. not usually a biscotti person, but can’t canyon ’em up.

this mississippi mud pie ice cream. absolutely my thing.

this vegan candied potato alfredo. whoa.

this massive cookie baking list. all the things!

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