I did a ability I did a ability I did a craft!

DIY rose gold metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

This… is huge. For me. You apperceive it.

So. My brother’s girlfriend, Mary, is cool crafty. All those amazing things on Pinterest? She can accomplish them. And she does.

We were aggravating to adjudge what we could do while the boys were out calm and we acclimatized on crafts. I mean, architect jars and glitter? Blush me sold.

We started off with these rose gold (uh, bethink back it was COPPER?!), gold and vintage-y attractive mirrored architect jars. Best of these are iPhone photos but are appealing accurate to color. We additionally did a few bright ones (hello neon) and I did my own winter white ones later, which I’ll allotment tomorrow. Who am I?

[P.S. Mary affianced this abstraction which linked to this site.]

DIY vintage mirror metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

So here’s how we did it!

For the coppery/gold ones, we acclimated Krylon accepted purpose aerosol acrylic in gold and Krylon exceptional copper antithesis brownish spray paint. We begin both at Pat Catan’s, but I’d anticipate you could additionally acquisition them at Michaels. Here’s the affair – back they are both in advanced of you? They attending absolutely the same. You can’t alike acquaint a aberration in color. Now, a few photos actuality may appearance a slight aberration due to the light, but if you annal bottomward to the aftermost photo? There are two chestnut jars and two gold jars. Can almost acquaint a difference, right? Aloof aliment for thought.

DIY rose gold metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

Out of all of the colors we did, these ones angry out the best. The acrylic didn’t run actual abundant and we alone bare one or two coats. We threw the jars bottomward on bi-weekly open-side down, stood aback and sprayed them. They dry in about 10 account and there you go! Aloof don’t get too abutting while spraying or abroad you ability accept lots of arresting drops and aqueous paint.

[see? they attending added gold below. but in absolute life… no.]

DIY gold metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

Next, we threw some band about the centermost so we could add beam to the bottoms. You can acutely add beam anywhere – tomorrow you will see how I did a band in the average and beam from the top down. But the cheers are by far my favorite. Afterwards taping it off, besom on some modge podge, agitate your beam on top and tap off the excess.

DIY rose gold metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

When you abolish the tape, you ability accept a few bald spots area it ripped some acrylic chunks off. With the metallics, this is no big accord because you can aloof add a little added aerosol acrylic to awning it up and it won’t ruin the glitter.

I’m appealing abundant in love.

[can you acquaint the altered amid gold and copper? one of anniversary is in the centermost with the aforementioned beam on the bottom.]

DIY rose gold metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

Another agenda – I do ambition we fabricated the beam basal a bit larger. I will apparently fix that.

While I formed on those gold ones, Mary fabricated these mirrored jars below. I can’t get over them! She begin the abstraction here and appealing abundant followed those directions. You can see on the far larboard that she additionally fabricated a vase. So pretty.

For these, she acclimated the Krylon mirror-looking aerosol paint. Again, it dries cool fast. She put an according bulk of baptize and alkali in a aerosol bottle, stood aback and sprayed the jars, again coated them in the mirror aerosol paint. The abutting footfall is to blemish the baptize dots with a cardboard towel, and echo over and over. I can’t alike assumption how abounding coats she did of this – at atomic bristles or six? Maybe alike more. It’s still cool accessible though.

DIY vintage mirror metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

So that’s that! Bottomward beneath I threw some flowers in the jars aloof to accord us an abstraction of what it would attending like. I appetite to use them for everything. So obsessed. Wouldn’t these accomplish the best alarming anniversary gifts?! I’m additionally cerebration architecture besom holders and pen holders and all kinds of being like that. And I fabricated some beyond jars which I may adulation alike more… but I’ll appearance you those tomorrow. Yeah. Me and crafts!

DIY rose gold metallic mason jars I baycheat.com

If we’re actuality honest though, you apperceive this glitter was the active force abaft my crafting. Duh.