tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Let’s be honest. Are you alike accidentally afraid that those are my Christmas ornaments?

2. This raspberry amber ice chrism float. I can’t even.

3. Huge news: I accept been accomplishing so abounding crafts. Like real, accepted crafts. I’m activity to acquaint you about them this week. I’m still assertive I’ve been abducted by aliens.

4. My attraction with winter white has coiled out of control. I appetite aggregate in my activity to be winter white. Everything.

5. Over the weekend I absolutely assertive Eddie to appear to yoga with me. This has been like two years in the making. Or should I say… begging. I anticipate he absolutely admired it? Afterwards, he was in a yoga coma. Like one of those classes that is so acceptable that you are clumsy to alike anatomy a book afterwards. Absolute away.

6. We put up our timberline over the weekend and I was thinking… I’d like to try a absolute tree. Maybe. I could possibly be allergic back I accept melancholia allergies, but I don’t anticipate I am. My alone added affair is that it would alone aftermost three weeks or so? Thoughts? Accept but the affair is – I accept a ABOVE fear. Aren’t there like bugs and animals central the trees? Like what if they are still central the timberline already it’s in your house, Clark Griswold style? I apprehend I’m absolutely apprenticed but I’m additionally actively asking. Area do the bugs go?

7. My brother alien me to this abhorrent but absurd app alleged Quiz Up. On Friday night I’m appealing abiding that bristles of us sat about and played anniversary added in trivia for over an hour. This is what our apple has become. At atomic I’m acquirements things with it? (Like accomplished trivia apropos boy bands, snacking and 1990s movies.)

8. Homeland. What.the.heck. Why does Carrie accept to be so beggarly and horrible? Is it because she isn’t demography her meds due to her accepted situation? I aloof accept no abstraction how they are activity to blanket up this storyline that I am SO AILING OF in two added episodes. Dude. BLANKET IT UP.

9. Speaking on TV, I absolutely adore this tribute that Steve Buscemi (who (whom?) I adulation adulation love) gives to the backward James Gandolfini. Gah.

10. My akin of shock hit an best aerial back I started acquainted the actually abominable bulk of emails I accustomed over the weekend about atramentous Friday sales. I’m not alike subscribed to THAT abounding places (you know, aloof the necessities, like Kate Spade, Overstock, Sephora) and aural an hour of allowance my inbox, I would accept 26 new retail emails. I mean, really?

11. I’m accepting a actual difficult time with it accepting aphotic about 4PM. Aliment blogger’s affliction nightmare. See also: aboriginal apple problem.