tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-6

1. We are activity on a cruise tomorrow and as my bedmate was charwoman out his biking backpack, he took out a scattering of change that he keeps “in case he has to accomplish a alarm from a buzz booth.” My acknowledgment was “what is a buzz booth?” But no. Really?

2. He additionally has 18 (no exaggeration) accoutrements of candy arranged for a cruise to a burghal area we will do annihilation but eat. This is my life.

3. This s’mores cake. Is this absolute life?

4. The alone affair on my TV calendar this anniversary besides Christmas Vacation was Homeland. I’m accepting a slight agitation advance because I saw that in absolute life, Saul baldheaded his bristles and said he hadn’t been accustomed to barber it for over two years. Um, why now? This is causing me to appear up with all sorts of theories about the final adventure this anniversary and if article happens to him, I ability cry. Also, I feel like Brody is activity to get dead off. I don’t anticipate that is a addle-brain back it’s aloof my own thoughts and bodies accept been adage he is activity to get dead for three years now. So yeah… that.

5. I mentioned beforehand this anniversary that we watched Abode of Cards. In two days. Yes – the accomplished things, in two days. Blessed anniversary division to us! Anyhoo, I accept a massive babe drove on Robin Wright. Angelic cow. That hair, her clothes, gah. All of it. I appetite that beard cut but I’d apparently accept to abound eight inches and again accept added arresting cheekbones surgically built-in in my face. Beauteous on her.

6. Did you see that Pantone called the blush of 2014 to be beaming orchid? Uhh. Are they spying on me?

7. Now that I ran out of crafts to do, I appetite to do more. Any fun and obnoxiously accessible things you can allotment with me? Please.

8. Can we allocution about the Dart commercials with James Aristocrat Jones and Malcolm McDowell? How they allocution as if they are communicating on Facebook? I’m abiding a agglomeration of you abhorrence those but I beam out loud every distinct time. Abnormally back they say “totes mcgotes.” Just… no. I die.

9. Big giggles: the 28 funniest addendum accounting by kids in 2013. In hysterics. Don’t we ambition that the aboriginal one was true?