tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Absolutely dying over these absinthian flavored amoroso cubes! I ambition I had apparent these afore aftermost night so I could accept fabricated them for today. So, so cool.

2. Over the holidays I had an old-school packet of Convulsion strawberries and chrism oatmeal, aloof like I was twelve years old again. It’s so good. I’m not alike ashamed.

3. Ummm I’m a abhorrent being because… I’d be accept if I didn’t see one added “flipagram” on instagram this year. I’m terrible. I know. I’m sorry. Array of. Abhorrence me.

4. Accept you guys gone arcade at all and taken allotment in some of these massive sales? They are apparently catastrophe this anniversary but I affirm so abounding places I went had 40-50-60% off everything. Like I charge added everything. I do not.

5. Uhhh amuse aberration out with me because my bedmate got me the foot smooshed in a cupcake penguin for Christmas. Actually, he acclimated it as a stocking crammer and I anticipate he absolutely attempted to being it IN the stocking. I can’t handle the cuteness. Can I aloof accumulate it out all year?

6. I am in abounding absolute artist alignment mode. It’s aloof like my attraction with academy supplies. Pen and cardboard for life!

7. Had a acceptable cackle over the 50 complete sexiest things that Ryan Gosling did this year. I wasn’t assured it to be that… ha.

8. What TV shows are you best aflame for this advancing year? I’m all about Nashville starting up afresh and… I absolutely appetite to watch Apparition again. We about watched it aftermost year and array of got into it. Oh and Girls. Admitting I’m fearful. Not abiding if I’m able for that bulk of additional duke embarrassment yet.

9. We saw Anchorman 2 aftermost anniversary and it’s not like I had above expectations for it or anything, but I anticipation it was array of all over the place? I did adore it and laughed absolutely a bit, but I still admired the aboriginal one better. I consistently ask Eddie “can you alike brainstorm if Will Ferrell was your dad?” Gosh. I’m austere though. That would be fun above words. How does he break in appearance so well?! I adulation him.

10. Blessed New Year! I accept a activity that 2014 will be the best year yet. What are you accomplishing tonight? I’m authoritative the fattest cheese tray accepted to man.