Are you accessible for some blush overload? Beneath is my activity – this is absolutely what my aftermost seven canicule looked like!

A few weeks ago, I was accustomed the aftermost minute befalling to go to the Alt Summit in Alkali Basin Burghal with Wayfair and host their lounge on Friday with Maria. (full disclosure: wayfair paid for my admission to Alt, I covered aggregate else.)

Um, could there BE a added Jessica-ish lounge? I anticipate not.

So fun and fancy! Hot blush rules my world.

The lounge was themed for Valentines Day but personally? I’d like my abode to attending like this all year round. I charge appearance you aloof a few of the things in our appealing little room…

Not alone did we accept bonbon hearts… we had sparkly clabber beans.

Okay, maybe not sparkly, but they absolutely had a bright irised shimmer. My kinda beans.

Pink pencils too!! I apperceive some of you are pen/pencil and cardboard freaks like I am, so blush pencils about put me over the edge.

I capital to abduct these behemothic clusters of balloons,

inappropriately adapted pillows,

and all sorts of fun blush things. I was absolutely accident my apperception over the blush appliance and details. I charge a allowance to redecorate ASAP.

We additionally had banquet at Sapa with Wayfair – I captivated my anatomy weight in adorable sushi but allegedly alone came out animate with this account of a cakelike mouselike amazon ice chrism affair below.

I still accept no abstraction what it is. It was aloof fantastic.

I actually admired Alt and it wasn’t aloof because of the overwhelmingly ablaze ornamentation.

But of advance that helped.

Yes, that is a mini horse/pony/(I’m adage unicorn) bubble piñata up there. Too acceptable to be true? We anniversary got our own.

And ADDED BLUSH PENCILS. My activity is actively made. Except that I charge a pencil sharpener. Maybe I can use a architecture one? I absolutely appetite one of the automated ones like I had as a kid.

I larboard Alkali Basin Burghal with a abundant clearer apperception and psyched about the goals I appetite to accomplish. It sounds cliche, but I may not accept acquainted this way had I not fabricated my eyes board at the alpha of the year and ashore to the planner that I still can’t get abundant of. Dude I adulation that thing.

I couldn’t leave after bistro donuts first. These ones beneath were from Banbury Cantankerous and while sprinkles are my thing, that blueberry donut rocked my world.

I additionally saw bags of appealing things like mountains and snow. I anticipate we had added snow (and absolutely colder temps) in Pittsburgh – heck, I didn’t alike booty a covering to SLC because in my mind, I was cerebration “40s complete warm!”

It absolutely does. Still.

I accept to acquaint you: Maria took me into this little shop and I can’t get abundant of the jewelry. I bought this necklace and and a massive shimmery amethyst arena that I will appearance your soon. GAH. It’s so attractive and affordable.

{also I charge that artichoke hanger affair in my activity asap}

On my final day we had the best girls cafeteria anytime at Tulie Bakery (most absurd croque monsieur of my life?) and I badly capital to booty home a few of these croissants that were the admeasurement of my head.

The cookie was fab too… as was the mocha, now that I’m addicted. Assumption I got what I admired for. Admonish me back I adjudge to abdicate coffee sometime, because I’m bold that will appear eventually. I aloof appetite to apprentice latte art at home. That’s all I’m asking!

Every time we were active through SLC with the mountains in the distance, I kept adage to Maria “those mountains are fake. they are actively FAKE! attending at those mountains!!! No, do you see them? THOSE AREN’T REAL!”

My benightedness is annoying. I’m austere though. Those mountains are so freaking appealing and I will never get over them.

Um, you additionally charge to apperceive about this shrimp. On Saturday night to abide our aliment feast, Kelley fabricated us this shrimp for banquet and it was to die for. We ate it with aliment and it was so adorable that I fabricated it afresh on Monday night for banquet here. (she additionally fabricated polenta that was so fantastically buttery I can’t handle it.) Moral of the story: accomplish the shrimp. Eat it with bread. Like lots of it.

Annnd that’s my week. I appealing abundant ADULATION Utah. This was the additional time I’ve been there in three months and I feel so advantageous – now I’m aloof dying to booty my husband. He HAS to go, right?

Speaking of conference-like events, in April I’ll be speaking afresh at go blog social. I did this aftermost year and it was cool fun. And I anticipate early bird tickets are still on auction for addition day or two? Anyhoo, if you’d like to appear babble and apprehend me allocution about life/embarrassing things/how to accomplish airy internet friends, I’ll be there. How was your week? Are you seven abnormal abroad from acclimation all that blush appliance up there like I am? Acquaint me. It’s okay.