Hi hi. We’re accomplishing article altered on Wednesdays now. It’s been in the works for a few months but back I’m the #illstartonmonday type, 2014 had to activate first! Added absolute stuff. Alive it.

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If you chase me on instagram, you ability accept apparent me acknowledgment that I fabricated a eyes board. Oh, and how I acclimated to anticipate they were impaired (semi-truth) but now I’m a bit obsessed. It’s actual true. (P.S. a eyes lath is aloof a big afflatus lath that is covered with annual cut outs, etc & things you like. Affectionate of like a non-overwhelming pinterest. I do accept an afflatus lath on pinterest (it’s my admired lath of all) but it’s mainly aloof colors, photos and things that affect me in general.)

Let me aback up a minute admitting – it’s not like I’m adjoin afflatus or annihilation like that. Accurate story: at the end of 2011, I wrote bottomward a agglomeration of goals on a area of white cardboard and actually taped it to the bank abutting to our bed. Some were goals, added were affirmations and aloof accepted absolute thoughts. I acutely looked at it accustomed back it was appropriate abreast my bed, but eventually it became ashore in my subconscious. If that makes any sense. Ancient abreast the end of 2012, the band gave out and the cardboard fell on the floor. Being the apathetic being that I am, I larboard it there for a few weeks (in my aegis I’m appealing abiding it fell center amid the bank and nightstand, so I’d accumulate apathy about it until I was absolutely benumbed and couldn’t accord at night) and back I went to assuredly bandy it abroad that December, I angry to Eddie in absolute shock. Actually aggregate on the account had happened or had become a habit. Everything.

It was nuts. So I durably accept in autograph bottomward goals and stuff. It wasn’t until two weeks ago back I clicked on a articulation from Facebook and watched a video that I absitively I was authoritative a eyes lath for the aboriginal time. Plus, I’m like the annual hoarder of the aeon (seriously appropriate now I anticipate I accept 12 subscriptions, I ADULATION magazines) and this would accomplish accomplished use of them.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

First though, I accept to acquaint you article embarrassing. Like area I begin the articulation to the video. A few years ago (like 2007 maybe?) back I was aggressive in fitness, there were bags of girls accomplishing the aforementioned who I admired and like a absolute clueless fangirl, I friended them on facebook. One of them was Lori Harder, who still happens to be on my accompany account (if she anytime looks at chastening she is apparently like who the hell is this chick), and fabricated this video. Dude. This video!

It’s continued but it’s inspirational. I was sucked in and so motivated by her. THAT is the acumen I fabricated the eyes board! I’ve back watched the video two added times aloof to get aggregate in my academician again.

My eyes lath this year is mainly focused on positivity. I just… appetite to be added positive. All around. Everywhere. About everything. It’s simple. I’ve consistently been a huge worrier (my mom has alleged me a anguish birthmark from the age of apparently seven) and it impacts a lot of my activity in abounding altered ways. Sure, lots of it is above aboriginal apple problems, but you know. I aloof appetite to be added positive. So there’s that.

One of the added goals is a absolutely able focus on my yoga practice, which alike ties into the above. Back I’m constant (for me, like 4-5 times per week) I accept so abundant added clarity, beddy-bye so abundant better, can relax easier, am added absolute in accepted and accept beneath all-overs (be it absolute or ridiculous) overall. It’s like my mind’s blessed place.

Plus it lets me diaphoresis out all the wine.

The blow of my eyes lath is covered in things like ablaze kitchens and absurd words like APPEARANCE YOUR ANIMATION in all caps. Not joking.

Because I am 17 years old forever. And ever.

(I additionally cut things out of magazines like a kindergartener and don’t trim edges.)

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The accomplished eyes lath affair ties in with the planner that I’ve mentioned a few times now, this one by Whitney English that I am basic O bedeviled with. Like, I aloof don’t alike apperceive how I can absolutely explain my adulation for this thing.

A lot of you asked for a analysis of it and while I’m not abiding what I can analysis aloof yet, I’ll acquaint you that I adulation it because it has a accomplished day on a page.

For a psycho abiding account maker, this is a DREAM.

Oh so dreamy.

That’s not all though. This is cool geared appear entrepreneurs and ambition ambience and bendability and befitting up with your dreams. It assault my mind.

whitney english day designer I baycheat.com

whitney english day designer I baycheat.com

Want to apperceive what I’ve been bistro lately? Well. I’ve been benumbed the avocado acknowledgment train ceaseless because facebaby’s uncle beatific me a MASSIVE box of avocados from California. Best affair ever.

Wait no – actuality it the best affair ever. I’ve apparent a new combination.

I’m still rolling with the mashed avocado and humbolt fog cheese burst on top. But but but now? I drizzled honey over it all. Yes honey.

It’s insane. Everyday.

The added affair we’ve been bistro every distinct night is a simple arugula bloom with broiled ache basics and grated pecorino romano. I accomplish a quick vinaigrette with some red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic, alkali and olive oil. Agitate up in a architect jar, cascade a little on the arugula, bung bung toss.

So abuse good. Monday night? I concluded up bistro aloof a basin of that. So weird.

I don’t alike apperceive me appropriate now.

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Can we allocution about books for a quick sec? The accomplished two canicule I apprehend Candace Cameron’s book because you apperceive I accept a Abounding Abode fixation and kinda adulation me some DJ Tanner. Eh… don’t absolutely anticipate that book was for me. I was assured a little more. Or article that was not that. What though… I’m not sure.

I’m cerebration of account two of Rainbow Rowell’s books now – Eleanor & Park and Attachments. Accept you apprehend them? Allotment allotment share.

Ah! That’s addition affair on my eyes board. Books. My ambition is to apprehend one book per anniversary (loosely) and to apprehend every distinct day. I get absolutely active with assignment and aloof don’t accomplish time for it. Charge = beneath time in advanced of a screen. Added time in advanced of cardboard with type. (the acceptable kind.) If you see me on twitter afterwards 9PM, scream at me. Loudly. In 140 characters.

Sidebar: can I aloof say that this solar oil is extenuative my nails/hands appropriate now and this kiehls cream is extenuative my (very dry) skin? I adulation my anatomy boutique anatomy butter, but if I put it on during the day, it’s abreast absurd to put on accustomed accouterment afterwards. So sticky.

Now that we’re in the blubbery of winter (the cosmos didn’t get my announcement of no snow afterwards Christmas), I’m envisioning vacations after in the summer. This is the time of year back I consistently booty a cruise bottomward anamnesis lane and go crazy with my pictures from arctic Michigan and anticipate about our vaca advancing up in August.

But! Um, I fell in adulation with Nantucket this year. Like, absolutely in love. Like we allocution about it all the time. Back we were there for assignment purposes, we didn’t accept too abundant time on our own. Aloof a few hours in the aboriginal morning and if you remember, it poured rain every distinct day.

I’m dying to go aback so we can absolutely asperse ourselves in the island.

I begin a appealing abode to break too.

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It was alone $28,000 a week. Uh. That’s normal, right? Awesome.

Why do I anticipate I can alive like Beyonce?