tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-9

1. This shake. AHHHH. I shared it aftermost week and again fabricated article somewhat agnate over the weekend and I’ll acquaint you about it soon. Faceplant city.

2. While I’m on the affair of candied thangs, this advantageous adhesive amber cake. What? I’m accomplishing that. Today.

3. We are accepting addition arctic (bear) amphitheater or article but Eddie and I accept array of gone on a driveway blasting strike. As in… we’ve done a absolutely poor job of blasting this winter and we attending out the window, again attending at anniversary added and aloof absolve our shoulders. Our neighbors best acceptable abhorrence us. I’m axis him into a non developed up.

4. I got the aboriginal aftertaste that my cool aerial heeled canicule may be advancing to a abutting (not like I would anytime let that happen) back I bought a brace of boots (these ones) at the nordstrom afterwards christmas sale. I anticipation I could do it but afterwards I brought them home and attempted… no. Aloof no. This… never… happens. EVER.

5. Um. Abounding times I ambition instagram had an age restriction. Like a active age. Like 16 or something. Because really, is it spam or is it a third grader with an iPhone?

6. It feels like I say this about four times a year, but there are so abounding movies I’m dying to see. Yet… we never go to the movies. I don’t apperceive if it’s aloof because we are apathetic or we never anticipate about it, but back we do absolutely go we adore it, sooooo. Currently it’s apparently because I can’t cull myself abroad from netflix and jax teller.

7. Aftermost night we had taco salads for banquet and a acceptable taco bloom is actively underrated. I’m tooting my own horn but I’ve done a analgesic job of authoritative some absolutely adorable dinners every weeknight. It was one of my goals and I’m acquisitive I can accumulate it up past, you know, the third anniversary of January?

8. Girls! What are your thoughts? Alike admitting it’s a trainwreck and my secondhand embarrassment is through the roof, I absolutely anticipate it’s bigger than aftermost division and I acquisition myself bedlam a lot added than aftermost year. I affectionate of like that we are seeing what a adversity Marnie is. And and and – on Nashville? I gotta say how abundant I adulation Avery. I’m not abiding I’ve anytime angry such a able animosity of a appearance into love. Freaking adulation him. What abroad are you watching? Are you activity to acquaint me to watch the Following? Puhlease. My DVR alone has so abundant space.

9. I’m so affronted that I laughed at this, but nevertheless, I absolutely laughed: 22 affidavit why commas are the best important things in the world.

10. I’m packing up to arch to Alkali Basin Burghal tomorrow and I’m all oh I’ll aloof lay out my exact apparel and accessories so I don’t over backpack this time back uh maybe aftermost time I flew I had to pay $125 for an acutely ample attache and I about died and I’d absolutely like to abstain that accidental and awkward expense. Well. This agency nothing. I’m aloof packing three times as abundant now. I abhorrence myself.