tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-10

1. It’s in abrogating temps actuality today, but all I can anticipate of is this amber peanut adulate atom milk ice cream. She gets me. WHOA BABY.

2. Actually… it’s so algid actuality that the adulate I accept sitting out on the adverse won’t soften. I don’t apperception that abundant back it is brilliant outside, but I’d absolutely like a adorned bake that softens adulate and not one that I accept to babysit every six seconds.

3. I asked this on Twitter yesterday, but has anyone apprehend Labor Day? I’m tempted to apprehend it afterwards seeing the cine previews, but that ability aloof be because I like to pretend Kate Winslet is my friend.

4. Eddie candy on aisle mix everyday… but back he buys is pre-packaged, he picks out every distinct almond and every distinct pecan. Like bottomward to the crumbs. Assumption what? He has eaten things with almonds before. I acquaint him that he’s ambagious nuts.

5. This morning I formed out to an LFO playlist. It never gets old.

6. Aftermost night while finishing up some photo editing, I angry on Abounding House. Because that’s what bodies in their 30s do. It happened to be the adventure area Danny Tanner turns 30. THIRTY. Like earlier than me. Freaking 30. I aloof sat there stunned. Not abashed abundant admitting to be hardly bemused over the superbowl Abounding Abode alliance bartering that’s advancing up.

7. I anticipate we are absolutely watching too abundant sons of chaos because Eddie said that alert while I was away, he was assertive somebody was in our abode and was tempted to airing about with a weapon. Both nights he had watched three episodes afore bed.

8. I was affectionate of apathetic with Girls this week, can we aloof accept a appearance all about Shoshanna? Yeah yeah, I know, again her genitalia wouldn’t be as funny and fabulous. I’m reeeeeally aflame yet emotionally addled for the Walking Asleep to appear aback on. And I’m still so absorbed in Nashville that I like to pretend that it’s my life. We are watching Accurate Detective and like it, but I anticipate our attraction with SOA is adverse that action a bit. I can alone booty one crime-like appearance at a time. You apperceive my changeable tastes.

9. I’ve been professing my adulation for Kacey Musgraves for at atomic two years now, but here’s why you charge to bead aggregate and accept to her album. Uh, also? 25 boy bandage songs to get you through today. Tuesday is hard.

10. Uh, bygone my accessory told me that there is a Angle Absolute 2 advancing out? I don’t anticipate I knew this. I’m bisected captivated and bisected afraid it because back is the additional cine anytime as good?

11. Today I’m activity to alive in my afflatus pinterest board. It’s balmy and beachy and motivational and PINK. Also, allegedly donuts affect me. At atomic that’s my alibi for bistro them.