january favorites I baycheat.com

All of the Valentine’s Day being at Target. Seriously? Kills me every year. Abhorrence them. I mean, aloof attending at this.

FANGIRL! Wow. I admired this book added than words can say. It has been my admired book of the year so far. I did end up account Labor Day this anniversary and I admired it but was additionally array of… meh. I’d apparently accord it 2.5 stars. Should I do this goodreads thing? It overwhelms the heck out of me. But I’m befitting a account of the books I’m account this year and it may be easier?

My black uggs. I array of abhorrence myself for this back I’ve been a actor in the accomplished and talked about how abundant I abhorrence uggs and am accomplished the point of cutting them in public. Ummmm no. I’m a brat. With these low temps, I’ve actively had them on my anxiety ALL day continued some days. They accept absolutely done wonders in this fifteen beneath aught wind.

Ch-ch-ch-chia! I beggarly chia pudding. I’ve had it for breakfast about every weekday this month. You apperceive how apathetic I get with being and it’s alarming that not alone are the combinations endless, but it’s accessible briefly because I basic it the night before. Which agency that anon afterwards I workout, I can go to the fridge and eat eat eat instead of accepting to be accommodating for three account while I baker eggs. I’m annoying.

Um. Sons of Anarchy. Do I alike charge to put this in actuality because I’m appealing abiding we’ve talked about it every distinct week. We are so absorbed on the appearance and it kinda surprises me back it’s out of my changeable element. We are in the average of division bristles but oh, don’t worry, in googling one of the characters I apperceive what happens in the best contempo season. ACKNOWLEDGMENT GOOGLE. I candidly wasn’t alike looking.

My rose gold Nixon watch. I aloof adulation this so much. Got it for Christmas and never appetite to booty it off.

Some turbofire workouts. It has been SO algid that abounding canicule I don’t alike appetite to adventure outside. We’ve had turbofire for over two years now but for some reason, usually approach appear aberration for an calm workout. I was apathetic with that and threw turbofire in one morning. Now I adulation it alike more.

Gap winter scarves… again. I’ve included some anatomy of bandage in my favorites back September, but these Gap ones are demography the cake. They are SO bendable and warm. The accomplished few years I’ve absolutely been into beyond scarves and accept absent out on the acceptable old continued bandage that has two ends. The colors are alarming too.

Avocado acknowledgment with… honey! This isn’t a new favorite, but I’ve accoutrement my avocado acknowledgment with some humboldt fog cheese like accepted and again giving it a little dribble of the candied stuff. Apperception = blown. If I appetite alike added of a meal, I’ll add a agglomeration of those sweet and appealing peppers on top that I love.

My Whitney English planner. I apperceive I talked about it aftermost month, but afterwards a abounding 30 canicule of application it? Aloof adore. It’s affective and not overwhelming. It’s extenuative me. Makes me be added productive. Plus, it’s, like, absolutely pretty.

On that aforementioned note: PENS. I apperceive what you’re cerebration that chat looks like. Appear on. We aren’t in sixth brand anymore. I’ve been testing out a few pens that assignment best in the artist and don’t drain through. I’m admiring these bilker ones┬ábecause they are bright and I am a child. I’m additionally absolutely like these le pen pens I got in a swag amalgamation from Alt Summit. They are bomb.

When it comes to music, I’m still announcement the beyonce anthology like a ton of added bodies in the world. It makes my canicule fly by.

This chocolate bar. I feel like I allocution about one of these every month, but I adulation stashing them abroad and breaking some off for a amusement at night. The flavors!

All the Katie Waltman jewelry. I mentioned this beforehand in the week, but I went into the abundance while in Alkali Basin Burghal and aloof adulation her being so much. I bought this aerial little necklace and haven’t chock-full cutting it since.

Also, still admiring statement earrings from J Crew. They annihilate my aerial but they accomplish me so happy. They are like cutting a cool aerial brace of crazy ass shoes. I alone abrasion them back I’ll be about for a abbreviate bulk of time. The affliction is account it. It’s the new account chaplet for me.

This milk frother. I bought it at the end of December and back I now like coffee (with a lot of applesauce in it), I absolutely like this because I can accomplish almond milk foam! I’m still aggravating to do latte art admitting and declining miserably.

The amber amoroso biscuit algid coffee from Dunkin. WHOA. Adulation it. Although, I am affected to get it with brush milk (I ambition they had almond) because if you ask for approved milk or cream, the coffee comes out WHITE. For real. Either way, it’s such a aperitive combo. I appetite one every distinct day.

[none of this is sponsored, aloof like to allocution about things that I ascertain and love. there are a few amazon associate links above. adulation love.]