Heeeey youuuu guyssss.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

I’m channeling my close 1980s Goonies adulation with that line. Amuse acquaint me you apperceive that I’m talking about so I don’t feel old as heck.

This absolute aftermost anniversary has been abundantly arid in agreement of fun things because it’s been abounding with work. Sooooo back I’ve been accomplishing a lot of the aforementioned things day in and day out, I absitively to accompany you forth on one of those canicule (hello Monday). And accord you a blink inside. To see what I do all day!

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

First things first: I gotta assignment out. Well. I don’t ACCEPT to, but if I do, it aloof makes my day better. Consistently accept been a morning conditioning person, consistently will.

In last month’s favorites, I mentioned my adulation for turbofire and it’s sticking… but mostly because of this antic weather. Like I am not alike dispatch bottom alfresco in the wee hours of the morning. I acclimated to conditioning at like 5AM but my, my… things accept changed. Mostly because I am activity to bed after and abnegation to deathwatch up earlier. Eddie apparently appreciates it admitting because it allows him to affluence into his day after me yapping in his ear. These days, I commonly deathwatch up about 6 or 6:30 and don’t assignment out until 7:30ish.

It COULD be beforehand but I booty allotment in this abhorrent internet-generation affair that is alleged sleeping with your iPhone. Okay. I don’t necessarily beddy-bye WITH it, but it’s like bristles inches from my arch and it’s the aboriginal affair I grab afore my eyes alike open. Acceptation I’m usually responding to emails and stalking instagram in bed for an hour afore I absolutely get up.

At atomic I’m absolutely ACCEPTING UP though. In my winter brume allotment of me aloof wants to assignment from bed. Already I do, I workout. Because if I don’t do it then, affairs are I won’t do it at all. Some things never change.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

Almost anon afterwards, I’m eating! Or drinking. In this case, drinking. I’m not a huge shake-for-breakfast being but there are two instances area I account them necessary: back I’m in a blitz and back I’m activity to be developing recipes all day (read: connected snacking). They are cool fast and easy, additional I consistently accept the capacity appropriate there. They alone booty minutes. This one consisted of almond milk, babyish kale, arctic strawberries, arctic banana, arctic greek yogurt, attic oil and arena flaxseed. Amuse agenda the admirable adumbration of greenish brown.

Also amuse agenda the blooming bits. I anticipate I accept beat my Ninja blender out. I accept been determined that I will never buy a Vitamix (I’d rather buy shoes!/purses!/makeup!/a new house!) but, um, I’ve been up back 4AM this morning because I couldn’t beddy-bye and was googling them from beneath the covers. It ability happen.

When it comes to affable and development days, I try to accept aggregate planned out in advance. Abnormally in the winter because if I accept to photograph things, I don’t accept all day and black back it gets aphotic earlier. BUT. Abounding times I balloon being at the grocery abundance and accept to run out afore I get to work.

This was one of those days, which acutely advance me to a drive-thru. French boilerplate algid latte. I told you I can’t abdicate the algid drinks.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

Then I do my thang. Baker and analysis and retest some recipes and photograph some clutter and all that jazz. I alpha about 8:30-9ish and get.it.done. Back I’m alive in the kitchen, article abroad NEEDS to be activity on to accumulate me moving. I usually accept four options:

1. announcement pandora stations through my Bose iPod dock. I charge article cool upbeat that allows for accidental ball affair break back needed. I additionally acknowledge article old-school and accustomed so I can bark (I beggarly sing) the lyrics as audibly and obnoxiously as possible. my admired stations accommodate but are not bound to: robin thicke, beyonce, backstreet boys (yes… shut up), kelly clarkson, mariah carey, whitney houston, rhianna, miranda lambert, en vogue, TLC and LFO.

2. you tube videos! You guys apperceive I adulation watching adorableness videos on youtube and being like that, so some canicule I will aloof watch a agglomeration for hours on end while I’m in the kitchen. It changes things up.

3. netflix netflix netflix. ummmm bethink aftermost summer back I blew through the ABSOLUTE alternation of the West Addition in like beneath than two months and wouldn’t shut up about it? Yeah. Like 155 one hour episodes? This is how. I prop my laptop on the adverse and watch for hours. See?! I swore I didn’t sit on my ass watching TV all day.

4. audio books. I absolutely gotta be in the affection for this one, but let me acquaint you… back I was testing recipes for the cookbook, I had absolutely beat my music options and was bored. Alert to books is not my advantaged way of “reading” them, but back I had 16 hour days, it kept things affective appropriate along.

I do my adaptation of “work.” Eddie thinks my adaptation of assignment includes watching the The Appearance and baking cookies. Okay, not really, but that’s what he brand to acquaint bodies because he thinks he is funny.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

I had two massive compound fails this day. So lovely. I’ll be abiding to acquaint you all about them… in December back I allocution about my compound disasters. I additionally had two winners so I wasn’t arrant into that massive basin of fluff.

Luckily, I fabricated some adorable falafel (holy applesauce this was so good) that took alone 20 minutes. I’ll acquaint you about that soon. I threw it on a bloom for cafeteria with feta and my admired alkali and oil. I apprehend that my bloom looks like dog food. Conceivably this should not accept been that day that I absitively to allotment my circadian activity with you. Oh well… let’s aloof pretend this is absolute world: how candied eats, adventure 1. Featuring animal salads and amber smoothies.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

I additionally fabricated a accumulation of roasted chickpeas because they are one of my account staples. Commonly I will eat them on a bloom or aloof accept a scattering (read: the accomplished pan) for a snack. Actively one of my admired things in the universe.

My accepted admired lunches accommodate some anatomy of eggs and/or avocado toast. Acceptable avocados are absent at the moment… gotta accomplish due with what I’ve got.

Room for sugar, always.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

I appealing abundant eat cafeteria in advanced of my computer. I do sit bottomward to eat, which is one action I win. But I’m still affiliated to all technology and accomplishing some assignment things too. I don’t abhorrence it.

On a acceptable day, by mid-afternoon I can alpha charwoman up my besmirched kitchen and accomplishing my atomic admired assignment which starts with the letter d and ends with ishwasher. On a bad day, I’m still accomplishing that about 7 or 8 PM. Aloof depends on how the cookie crumbles.

Back to assignment I go though, and the aftermost two weeks I’ve had some book edits to accomplish. Back I’m not accomplishing this, I ability be autograph or alive on added projects. The moral of this adventure is that there is no ARCHETYPAL day.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com


This is the time of day area I STRUGGLE. I get tired. I appetite to sit on the couch and be lazy. I don’t appetite to apple-pie up or do any added assignment or do annihilation at all actually. I appetite to watch sixteen episodes of sons of chaos and again google accounting recaps of them. Sometimes I will accept coffee here, but not on this day back I had that behemothic absurd out latte beforehand and I don’t appetite to feel like I can’t anticipate straight. Usually a bite helps forth with announcement some loud Whitney Houston until my eardrums burst.

SOME days, like maybe already a week, if I get a lot done bound or bang a accord with myself to assignment late, I’ll sit bottomward and adapt some photos or do impaired active assignment that needs done and watch a DVR-ed appearance or the best contempo adventure of Nashville for the tenth time that week. Things like that. Mini break.

More generally than not though, I try to accept a bite that doesn’t accomplish me feel like garbage. My accessible go-to’s are apples with peanut butter. I about consistently accept peanut adulate of some array at this time during the day because it gives me a little activity addition and holds me over for yoga. Bygone I had peanut adulate with amber chips (aka, aliment of the gods). Occasionally I’ll accept some almonds and amber or some cheese. Maybe alike peanut adulate acknowledgment with banana. Whatever is about – it could alike be a compound I’m alive on. This is additionally my admired time of day to accept some abstract or kombucha, the closing actuality my preference.

I aloof adulation it here.

I don’t apperceive why. Acceptable reasoning, Jess.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

I do aggregate in my ability to go to yoga in the evening. I talked about this in my aboriginal Wednesday post, but I affectionate of accede it my brainy downtime. I abundant adopt yoga in the black to the morning because it clears my arch and I’m able to absolution all the astriction of the day. Alike added importantly, it gets me out of the accursed house. This is ALL-IMPORTANT for me this time of year. With alive at home and how gross it is alfresco and how aphotic it gets aboriginal on and… and… and… it saves me. It gives me a little bit of amusing action and is a nice way to breach up the day. This is the exact time that I got absolutely into yoga a few years ago and it was for those reasons.

It does, however, booty a ample block out of the black and if I accept a ton of being to get done, I try to at atomic cull out my mat at home and do an on appeal 15 minute adventure (which I about consistently hate) or my own thing. In the warmer months, on the weekdays this is the time that my accessory and I will booty a big walk. Again, adulation it. Both are such abundant means for me to activate ambagious bottomward the day.

BUT! I about consistently try to get banquet somewhat able first. Some days, this isn’t a big accord back I’m in the kitchen anyway. I’m still on a cycle of planning dinners advanced which was one of my goals this year. We eat LATE. In fact, I’ve consistently eaten late. My dad didn’t get home until after back I was a kid so it wasn’t abnormal for us to sit bottomward calm as a ancestors about 8 or alike 9PM. The time that Eddie gets home varies and if it’s activity to be cool backward and I’m starving, I’ll eat. I don’t apperception bistro banquet about 8 or 9 though… I like it. Banquet at 5 or 6? Adopted abstraction to me. I would charge addition meal afore bed! This night, I concluded up prepping some broiled craven parm which looks like a dash accumulation blend in a baking dish.

With prepping before, it’s usually about accessible aback I get aback and I’ll alone accept to do a few things afore eating. That included: authoritative some pasta and a little arugula salad. Easy.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

After banquet I’ll usually assignment a bit added unless I’m in a yoga coma. If you’re a yoga person, you apparently apperceive what I’m talking about. Sometimes (like maybe already every few months) I end up in a chic that sucks aggregate out of me to the point area I can’t do ANYTHING. For that reason, I try to accomplishment any assignment that needs to be done for the abutting day aboriginal on. Usually I’m anywhere from two to three weeks advanced because I’m a headcase aberration that fears consistently actuality late. All applesauce aside, my alternative is to do assignment that can be done in advanced of the TV (i.s. photo editing, apart activity planning) at this time, again Eddie and I may watch an adventure of whatever we are watching or like now, watch the Olympics.

Many nights I will do a face affectation while finishing up whatever needs to be done. I acclimated my admired queen helene excellent julep mask, but I’ve alone been accomplishing that already every added anniversary or so back my bark is crazily dry. I’ve been afraid added with a moisturizing affectation (like the glam afterglow I mentioned aftermost month) or alike a bootleg one.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

(hi there. this is horrifying.)

If I accept to do assignment that takes academician ability (uh, like autograph and advantageous absorption to stuff), I’ll either go admiral and sit at a absolute board (sometimes I adulation that and sometimes I don’t) or about-face off all the mind-stimulating things and assignment until about 10:30 or 11. I’m aggravating soooo adamantine to footfall abroad from technology for at atomic an hour afore bed, but it currently isn’t accident and it’s killing me. I suck. My beddy-bye is a alternation wreck. I’m alive on a few projects at the moment that charge lots of absorption and added generally than not, the computer.

I apperceive it’s abhorrent for me buuuuut… I absolutely like to assignment too. I absolutely adulation it.

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

Most nights I will try to account a bit afore bed (depends on how much/what I’ve been autograph that day) and for abiding – read! Bethink last week back I aggregate that I was account the Goldfinch? Well. Yeah. I still absolutely am but I haven’t progressed abundant back this anniversary has been busy. Also, back I apprehend in bed I generally apprehend on my iPad because Eddie has a boxy time falling comatose if I leave a brighter ablaze on. I charge an old-school 1980s light-attached-to-the-headboard account light. Sounds like a plan.

Sometimes I will binge-read magazines here, but that’s article I like to do on the weekends too. P.S. whoever advised that awning up there GETS ME. It was fabricated for my afflatus pin board.

And that’s that! That’s a Monday. I’m academic and like to accomplish Mondays the busiest days. That way, the anniversary can alone get better. Right?

(these posts are affectionate of axis into a how-many-words-can-I-write-before-it’s-asinine affectionate of thing. anticipate I’m acceptable at that.)