[hi hi. i’m finishing up my book edits and advancing out of obscurity after this afternoon. for now, we’re accomplishing this. i jacked this abstraction from, oh, i don’t know, like bags of blogs i’ve apparent over the aftermost four years. it’s long. i’m wordy. i don’t anytime shut up. it can be a bit much. i get it.]

[p.s. amuse allotment article accidental with me so i feel beneath accessible and freakish. k acknowledgment bye.]

real life wednesday I baycheat.com

1. I accept aught appearance faculty and no eye for autogenous design. I mean, I can aces things out that I like (hello neon, pastel, black, bobcat book everything), but back it comes to putting things calm it is one behemothic hot mess.

2. I still haven’t afflicted my aftermost name. I never advised to accumulate my beginning name but I did so… mostly out of laziness… and bristles years after I’m still application it. I absolutely would like to change it but it seems a little backward (and confusing) now.

3. I was abashed of animals back I was a kid and cried for hours back my parents said we were accepting a dog.

4. I went into academy as a history above and accept an complete allure with all things American history.

5. The alone affair I like to alcohol algid is algid coffee, contrarily I adopt my baptize or beverages to be allowance temperature. So weird.

6. I still can’t get into the addiction of authoritative our bed every morning.  I charge to abound up.

7. I don’t accept how bodies can’t be crazily amorous about SOMETHING. It’s aloof how I’m wired.

8. As a kid, I hated butter. My mom acclimated to adulate our aliment for sandwiches and I’d accept a complete meltdown. On the aforementioned note, I already absolved into the kitchen and begin one of my brothers bistro a stick of adulate beeline up.

9. The best arduous time in my activity so far was the aboriginal year or so of marriage. If you apprehend my blog aback then, you apparently get this.

10. The additional best arduous time was my apprentice year of college. Never anytime appetite to bethink that.

11. The alone alcohol I anytime crave is water. Carbonation burns my throat.

12. I rarely can apprehend an absolute book after account the aftermost few pages first. I ruin everything.

13. I could never go camping. Amuse don’t accomplish me.

14. I rarely accept absorption in the aliment bassinet on the table at dinner. I acquisition it to be boring.

15. Also, I can canyon up block at a altogether affair 85% of the time. It has to be over the top to absorption me.

16. I am crazily disgusted by entitlement. See also: I don’t anticipate there is a affair such as alive too hard.

17. I adulation my assignment so abundant that abounding nights I ambition I didn’t charge beddy-bye to function.

18. Alike admitting I get emotionally absorbed to TV shows and books, I don’t get emotionally absorbed to altar and can bandy best being abroad after batting an eye. I’m not a backpack rat.

19. I succumbed to associate burden and did a abstract absolve aftermost year… and anticipation it was horrific. Fabricated it all three canicule though.

20. I’ve never drank (drunk?) a bottle of milk in my life.

21. I never cared for cartoons back I was a kid. I’ve never apparent the little bogie or bambi. Who am I?

22. I didn’t get my aerial disconnected until I was 18. My mom still doesn’t accept chastening pierced.

23. I’ve had my beard done by the aforementioned being for over 20 years and can’t brainstorm anyone abroad affecting it.

24. I’m not cool into astrometry but accept I’m a scorpio to a T.  Seriously.  Like to a TEEEE.

25. I took over six years of Spanish but captivated annihilation added than “Hola.”

26. I am afraid of the dark. Not kidding.

27. I cannot angle addition affecting my feet. EVER.

28. I accept a analgesic memory. My bedmate hates it. Allegedly not back it comes to acquirements added languages though.

29. I couldn’t accept cared beneath about antiques until I started photographing food.

30. I never get alley acerbity and don’t accept in it. I feel like it’s the better decay of time and a antic use of affecting resources.

31. I’ve never put a cigarette to my lips, ever.

32. I couldn’t get into Breaking Bad. I know. My aftertaste is wretched.

33. My aboriginal job was at a car wash. And I absolutely ashore a customer’s car while affairs it out of the wash.

34. I fangirl over my admired authors way added than any amateur or musician.

35. I did my own architecture on my bells day. Attractive aback now, I so shouldn’t have.

36. I can no best watch abhorrence films. The Strangers broke aggregate for me.

37. One of my activity fears is that my approaching kids will be bullied.

38. I can’t appreciate what it’s like to “forget” to eat. That is a adopted abstraction to me.

39. I got my abdomen button broken in academy and it was a nightmare. It lasted about a ages afore I absitively that I hated it.

40. I can’t accumulate the central of my car apple-pie to save my life. Like to the point area Eddie refuses to drive it.

41. The bland applesauce Pandora base is arena on my computer appropriate now. And often.

42. For over 10 years, my go-to adduce has been “when you appetite article you’ve never had, you charge do article you’ve never done.” A Thomas Jefferson one, I believe.

43. I bankrupt my arm twice: already back I was 18 months old and the additional back I was a amid and one of my brothers threw a football beneath my bike tire. While I was benumbed it.

44. I don’t absence claimed training at all, alike admitting it was what I capital to do from the age of 16 and I was bedeviled with my job at the time.

45. I still ambition that angular jeans never came into style.

46. I’m don’t feel accessible to accept kids but appetite a big ancestors in the approaching so riddle me that. Time’s a tickin’!

47. Alert in my activity I’ve cut my beard to about chin-length, removing like 10 inches. Hilariously enough, it was afterwards my academy apprentice year and a ages afterwards I got affiliated (see #’s 10 & 11) I’m such a cliché.

48. I alarm myself a faux country music fan because I wasn’t absolutely into it until I met Eddie. Now, however, I’m bedeviled and it’s about all that I accept to.  I like the new “pop-pier” being though. You can abhorrence me. It’s okay.

49. I accept aught admiration to eat best fast food, and it’s not alike a aliment high-hat thing. I aloof don’t anticipate it tastes that good?

50. I did tae bo religiously in aerial school. Baton Blanks for life.

51. My aboriginal absolute drove was on Patrick Swayze in Bedraggled Dancing. I started my blog on the day that he died and advertence him in my aboriginal post.

52. I abhor about aggregate I “create” or address aback I attending aback on it later. I’ve heard this is accustomed behavior for addition in a artistic acreage but I absolutely never accede myself to be a artistic person.