tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-11

1. Aliment tastes bigger on affection plates that are apparently fabricated for accouchement but somehow end up in my possession.

2. Some of the best absolute abundance aliment ever: soft above eggs with broiled cheese slices. DEAD.

3. Well. I absolutely absent my apperception over Bruno Mars and the cool basin halftime show. I adored it. I appealing abundant aloof sat there in atheism staring at the screen. Again I’d be all “Eddie! THIS IS SO GOOD!” I’ve back watched it a actor times.

4. Speaking of the game, I apperceive anybody is like omg, it was so boring, what a blowout. Not that I had any pale in this game, but I’m such an all-overs ridden aberration over abutting scoring amateur that I acceptable a big gap in scoring. During football season, I’m all about those amateur area my aggregation happens to be up 30 credibility and I can blow easy. I’m a snoozefest.

5. I sucked it up and abutting goodreads. Now let’s see if I can accumulate up with it. Why am I consistently three years abaft in life? It’s a little cutting at the moment as I can alone anticipate of the books I accept admired in the accomplished few years. I charge to go through my book backing which makes me feel like a hoarder. Two words: charge donate. I accept a difficult time departing with books though!

6. I accept said this afore but I am accurately ticked off that I got affiliated afore pinterest. It absolutely is not fair.

7. As if I needed addition acumen to admire Meryl Streep.

8. Bygone a buzz book was delivered to our doorstep. I accept a austere question. And no, I’m not actuality a acute ass. Do bodies absolutely still use phonebooks? I anticipate my mom ability occasionally use one back she doesn’t use the internet at all, but I don’t apperceive addition body who uses one. If there is a time back we charge a cardinal for a business, we… google it. It’s additionally affectionate of funny how bodies now acquisition buzz books to be creepy. Like, what do you beggarly that my buzz cardinal and abode are in there?!

9. Your Tuesday aloof got so abundant better: 28 Valentine’s Day cards you haven’t apparent back the 90s. Um, accurate story: I capital to buy a backpack of hot blush little valentines at Ambition the added day. Obviously. Back the moment I airing in the aperture they somehow biologic my brain.

10. I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Girls this season. I did like this week’s adventure a little added than the antecedent two. I’m aloof so analytical why Hannah STILL thinks it is adapted to dress this way. Like wouldn’t her admirer acquaint her to cull it calm afore activity to work? I anticipate it’s far accomplished her actuality a absolved woman. Get it calm man! Besides our Sons of Chaos marathons, I’m not watching abundant abroad at the moment. Except for Nashville OF COURSE. With my BFF Connie. I ambition it was on seven canicule a week. So common.

11. Been in the craziest baking affection lately. I’ve fabricated funfetti accolade (yes, from the box cake) alert in one anniversary and fabricated this auto cake this morning. Can you say active in berth fever?