tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-12

1. I am so over boot-like shoes and wore the aloft alfresco this accomplished weekend like a freak. Yes, my anxiety got blood-soaked and at one time it looked like I was cutting snow covered pumps. Account it.

2. Amuse cast your lid with me over this nutella ice chrism in brioche. I know. I don’t alike absolutely affliction for nutella. But THIS! Alteration that.

3. We accept had so abundant connected snow and ice that I will drive through annihilation now. No fear. I will drive in bags of snow or sleet. Maybe it’s the berth agitation accepting to me. I’m not scared!

4. Who abroad is freaking out that Sarah Jessica Parker now has a band of shoes? Oh yeah. I’ll accept it. I’m accepted enough.

5. You apperceive how aftermost anniversary I mentioned that I actually was not alert to the Abject Me 2 soundtrack all day, every day by myself (without kids)? Well. A agglomeration of you beatific me this articulation to 24 hours of Happy. 24 hours! And then. It was so ashore in my arch that I woke up at 1:30AM to google the lyrics.

6. I acclimated to accept absolutely the accumulating of Caboodles, all of them mostly pink, of course. Actuality are 38 things you will never acquaintance again.

7. Um. I’m appealing aflame that Girls semi-redeemed itself this anniversary with that episode. Has Shoshanna anytime been added amazing? And the DANCE?! gah. And Accurate Detective is killing me. Can I aloof ally HBO? Why is it so perfect? OH! And the Walking Dead. I get why they are accomplishing what they’re accomplishing and it’s affective slowly, but okay, you can stop now. I was actual blessed to see a assertive someone. Okay, a few assertive someones.

8. Now on to the best important thing: Abode of Cards! We are center through the additional division and would apparently alike be added in but accept had to exercise a little bit of conduct and absolutely do things like work. That aboriginal adventure was nuts. Robin Artisan needs to accord me a haircut. I’m analytical who you are acclaim for in the series? Alike admitting I get what they are doing, I’m still soooo on lath with Aboveboard and Claire. Why do I appetite them to succeed?

9. If I was bristles years younger, I would apparently achromatize my beard albino and again dye it ablaze pinkish-purple like I accumulate seeing all over pinterest. I’ll never get over that.

10. As I was autograph this post, I ate a alembic of what I anticipation was adhesive yogurt. I accept now appear to the ability that it was aged yogurt. Yep. blessed tuesday to me.